Mining card recommendation for beginner


I’m want to put together a mining rig and I’m not sure which graphics card I should choose.
My budget is $2500. Power usage won’t matter…
I already got a 1800W power supply.
Is it better to buy 3 cheaper cards like the GTX 1080 or 1 or two of the GTX 2070?
Any recommendation welcomed!


Hello @theboda,
think like this:
priority —> RAM!
So if you can get 2 cards(2070 or 2080) with more than 11GB RAM, go for it!
Then, if only possible 3 Cards (1080 or 1080ti) with more than 11GB RAM, second choice!
Then, if nor possoble, go for 1 card (2080ti), third choice!
(Me, i would try to go for 2 used 2080ti)!

Take Care.

2070 or 2080 - both have only 8 Gb RAM per card.

you are right… I didn’t even bother checking that out.
but my point stands. Priority: RAM!