2080 Ti vs 2x 1080 Ti comparisón

Hey guys,
just want to start a discussion about what is more profitable.
What do you think is a better solution for mining, buying two used 1080 ti (each 500€)
or buy 2080 ti (1160 €)

Already have some profit from 1080 ti, around 0,17 grin per day, so if you draw your results of 2080 ti, I would be pleased.

Does your profit calculation take into account hardware cost and electricity cost? Thanks!

Well I am mining just few days, so I am not sure if it will increase electricity cost significantly. My PC is running all the day/nigh anyway, so I think mining with 1 GPU is not a big deal. The situation may change if I buy another card or two. But the idea here is that I really like to increase my Grin reward.
I can maybe buy straight few hundred Grins with that budget, but my point is that I can use new GPU for my work/secondary for mining and later still sell it. I am new in this discipline, so I am not sure if I will continue mining during this year, but I really enjoy the whole process about it,… it´s just a fun.


You REALLY should calculate things forhand!!


pick up an electricity bill and check for Price per kWh, put it in the calculator above and see if it is even worth it!

About your initial question:
remember that you are using 2x1080ti power draw, and 1x2080ti power draw… take it in consideration for choosing, dependim on your electricity price, again…

btw… don’t measure things in GRIN/DAY… since that changes a lot… use GPS and FIDELITY! :wink:

yeah you are right. I´ll probably switch to pure 2080 Ti configuration.
Buy 2, max 3 and leave it mining for a year. Then sell.
You know the price for electricity footprint is all relative. It all depends on what the coin actually will make in the future. If Grin will be around 200$ how super profitable it will be to mine? Well, super profitable.
The thing here is to wait & hold these coins and the reward may fix your bills that comes with your electricity consumption later. It may or may not. That is the question. But I think it is still better than buy Grin and lost everything if it will be not successful.