Is it worth Mining?

So I recently was able to get an amazing deal to buy three Vega Frontier cards. I have held off on mining but was intrigued by Grin. I am seeing that with my cards I would want to mine C31 but I look at the price and wonder if it is worth mining? Is mining profitable? Is Grin in trouble with these low values?

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Depends on what are your expectations.
I started to mine Grin just 3 weeks ago, now I am building a small Rig of 2 GPUs and I´ll probably extend it to 3. For now, there is basically no profit from it. I plan to keep my mining rewards for a long time. It´s more like a hobby than a real profit machine for me.
If you want to invest into Grin it´s probably less painful way how to get these coins.
Mining is a harder way of getting it and you have to think about many details, like find a free cold room in the basement, so you or other people will not hear the noise coming from the rig. You have to have a good internet connection there, good ventilation, etc.
Also you have to count that there will be probably some issues with the Miner itself - errors, HW capabilities, etc.
If you are enthusiastic and you really like the PC tech, then fine, mining is for you. But if not, better buy some Grin and wait for gains in the future.

we mine with spare existing GPUs that are lying around.
If you have to buy GPU and get into mining, it may not turn out to be the best ROI

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