exchange withdrawal Problem

There is an ongoing trasnaction problem at Gate exchange Tor method, multiple times withdrawal fails and this is reflected as if g1…44… Tor adress is not listening altough it is listening when checked.

Can it be a problem about grin-wallet with locking outputs before Tor request ?

I personally became sick of this problem, as you see it is an ongoing problem since 2 years, that couldnt be solved, it hinders the adoption and against the ideology of GRIN

If it is at grin-wallet side we gotta solve it, if it is at Gate’s side, i would begin disapproving exchange in manners.


There are a number of possible causes.

  1. It could be a locking of outputs problem. You can easily make a transaction making multiple change outputs, perhaps they are not aware of it or at least have not automated it.
  2. Alternatively, it might be a liquidity issue. Most exchanges do not have all funds in a hot wallets. In any case, it is quite unfortunate this problem persists after so many years.
  3. If they use Dandelion in transactions, it could also be a reason for long pending transaction or transactions failing to end up on chain.

State of their wallet got broken, I caught same issue when testing a lot txs, tx could be posted, but got stuck at finalization state, cause could not be accepted by the network, wallet rescan not helped, only full data delete.

At grin_wallet_api::Owner::init_send_tx outputs are getting locked only after sending over Tor, can be a problem with several parallel requests at this case?


yea exchange hate MW coins

we need DEX
we need p2p trading & marketplace
we need mobile wallets


Yep, can definitely be a problem of to many requests. If they do not have many outputs and do not actively unlock outputs after a new request by a user is made, they can even be DOS’ed to keep their outputs locked.

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I don’t want to sound skeptical, but I’ve been watching GRIN since the beginning.
Over the past 3-4 years, there has been virtually no improvement in the user interface or usability of GRIN.
For now, the coin just exists. And there is no usage scenario.

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It’s completely wrong definition of problem, grin working well, just don’t have enough cash interest to make exchanges do their job

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Users here Telegram: Contact @GrinPP doesnt agree with you.

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@Markozzz @Cobragrin well said we need adoption as medium of exchange and for that we need nice easy to use mobile wallets that developer can maintain without running any server or node with decentralized coin-swaps & server-less pay-join

and most importantly some solution for non-interactive payment or we all in trouble for grin adoption success

Coz they use , coz they can’t use bridges normally, yeah it’s literally grinPP trouble