Hard bifurcation

What should I do? Now many exchanges can’t extract and recharge. For example, gate doesn’t know whether this problem can be solved perfectly in the future? If there is no solution, grin’s future is worrying.

Why not solve these problems before hard bifurcation

We tried. Various people reached out to various different exchanges prior to the hard fork.

OK, what’s the result now? Is there any definite information?

Alas, this is not something that everyone will bring you on a silver platter. We must create the environment and ecosystem for Grin with the help of the entire community. And I think this is the right decision. Grin depends on everyone, not just one. But we do not know how the exchanges will behave. The main thing is that contact with them is really supported by many different people. And we say thank you to them. Be patient.

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The result is only 1x exchange(Tradeogre) currently accepts deposits/ and can process withdrawals( as far as I’m aware).

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Thank you for your work. I still hope to communicate and deal with it as soon as possible. It’s a big headache not to be able to trade.