Exchange FAQ support

Since 2019, Grin has undergone considerable upgrades and hard forks; nevertheless, certain exchanges have resisted the upgrade, and the Grin exchange ecosystem as a whole has shrunk naturally. After the last hard fork, the current state is far more stable. But exchanges are few at the moment who supports us.

By the way big thanks to :yellow_heart: who did and still supports Grin, like exchanges should be, i hope other exchanges will do the same.

As you may know, exchanges charge a listing fee, which Grin does not pay principally.
However, if an exchange requests assistance, the Grin community ツ must band together to help because we don’t have a foundation or anything in the background.

The point;

KuCoin has still Grin listed, just deposit and withdrawals closed due to our last major Grin upgrade. That is an good example for us to coordinate and work together. That will make Grin successful, no other way. So let’s ツ and help this.

Thanks for contributions to @mcm-mike and @NicolasFlamel and for review to @renzokuken and who is gonna contribute from now on. All help and contributions are needed and welcome!!