Free Grin T-Shirts at HCPP 2018

Hello friends,

i printed some GRIN-TShirts with a logo from:

I give them away at HCPP 2018 in Prague this weekend. If anyone is there, contact me to get your free shirt.

Motiv is kinda chavvy, there was a misunderstanding with my designer.
I wanted something like: Step 1 = Bitcoin, Step 2 = Monero, Step 3 = GRIN
Designer did a winners’ rostrum (podium) with Bitcoin at place 3, Monero place 2, GRIN place 1.

Hope to meet some GRIN people in Prague.

I will be there, happy to meet and grab a t-shirt :slight_smile:

Would love to put your design up on TMGOX if you are interested in sharing it. Wish I was there to get one from you.

Its no rating of coins, just misunderstanding with designer, that this looks like a podium.

U want the Adobe files?