Feeling grin has turned on Zcash crazy mode @cryptomarket

Another exchange lbank has announced that they will support grin/usdt trading pair, they used to be the first exchange support filecoin trading and still on the top10 exchange ranking @CMC…gosh! It’s not just grinup but grin flyyyy! Now LBANK what’s next?! Binance what do you waiting for??? How much time must binance to take before CZ write a twtter @least? :grin:

I was active at Zcash launch, and it was completely different during the early days of the ICO Era. Grin will be more of a slow grower. People are desensitized to launch hype now, but Grin’s legitimate technology will see it grow. There’s a good number of large miners and “smart money” in Grin, and they’re in it for the long term, not a quick win.

Wow looks like I brought a OG :grinning:

But on the condition Grin is launch on a tragic bear market it might
earn a better reputation. Btw I would agree Grin will be a robust player.

yeah. never seen so much hype since Zcash

LOL, being at the 2016 Zcash launch doesn’t make me O.G. I founded my first cryptocurrency company in 2013, before Monero started as “Bytecoin,” and before Ethereum was even a whitepaper…

If I’d just bought ETH and hodled, I’d be rich. Instead, I spent crazy hours as an entrepreneur actually making products… I earned a modest living but it would have been way easier and more profitable to just buy coins and sit on my ass!

Everyone owes thanks to the core devs who actually create the value in Grin.

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