Today's fav vids and more

My regular watching includes Grin Talk and Chronos. G/T focused on Block Extensions from Litecoin personnel the last two videos.

@Chronos takes two minutes to remind us bankers are merely guessing on our money & futures, always bullish for btc, etc.

Finally, Zuck should be eyeing Keybase(.io) and XLM as a brother of a brother to fb, Libra :crazy_face:



Unbounded inflation vs infinite, explained so well I must add it to the list.

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This is the most fascinating swapping site. Let’s GET GRIN ADDED. Also, it’s a sweetheart token (cmc SWFTC).


PSA: This is a referral link.


I’m in the real world, aren’t you? This isolated attitude completely turns me off with many new and upcoming crypto. I got out of BEAM when they constantly tipped me one penny on Telegram. Their coin fell afterwards :thinking:

BTW, I took time this week to fill-in their coin/token application for a MW coin. Can you say the same?

If you decide to apply, I’ve used their etherscan(.io) contract info b/c it’s a required part of the form. You know, red asterisk. Please don’t forget to like or share :hugs:

FYI: just saw on Bloomberg, Gates passes Bezos in wealth. I said, just wait until you want some. LOL😜

I find music like this productive.

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I started a Grin Talk open writing group, come talk, today…

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I’d like suggestions to try trading GRIN Slates thru escrowed pairs on

GRIN seems perfect for escrow. Possibly XBG would make a pair worthy of such trading. XBG is a Grin fork as you may know. I’ve set the chat messages to self destruct in one day. Please consider joining the team.

Would you set XBG coins to self destruct in 1 day?

I don’t encourage frivolous talk.


I do encourage them. it’s good for health.

If you’ve used Keybase, for example, a trusted sub-team could be made where completed trading partners will be allowed entry.

Today I heard the Grin Talk YouTube vlogger share thoughts over ARRR (Piratechain). It’s well worth the listen and you’ll be better grounded in this zksnarks only coin.

I wonder what percentage to the question “Have you heard of Bitcoin” will be after next tax season. @Chronos latest update, IRS adds question about digital currencies!