Fake Telegram Grin support channels

There are fake telegram Grin support channels with inflated bot users. These are not community channels. Beware

Please REPORT those channels to telegram asap.


they are Fans ? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Reported :+1:. Please search check these groups by the file handles given below and report them as ‘facke account’:


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And there is fake ipollo Asic G1 mini sellers.They have Youtube video accounts, has more inflated subscribers than original ipollo . If you look at below comments ,people are still there commenting,trying to buy G1 mini Grin miners from those fake scammers.

it would be good,time to time post real links of ipollo maybe.So i added a reddit post.

Maybe we can put on the GrinCC website a tab which list all known active Exchanges, this one:

and a list all known mining retailers.

In this way we have at least one page that we can reference in the Newsletter, Forum, Discord, Reddit, Telegram where user can find this information without having to be to worried they might get scammed.
I will add such an overview to Grin Hub when I have time so you can link it on the website, separate tab I think ‘Exchanges & mining’ or something alike @stakerV.


I made a PR including mining pools, asic sellers and active exchanges. Hope I did not miss anything.

Sure @Anynomous, I can add a new section for mining&exchanges.