[ENDED] Sales in Forum for iPOLLO G1-Mini Miner with Exclusive Discount and 20% Donation Promise

why not? maybe another entity will order 15000 minis. your logic is flawed imo. And the more machines,the more security i presume? wrong?

The deadline (2020.12.31 23:59:59) reached, so this forum sales closed on this line.

Totally I see 22 G1-Mini requested (not sure whether all of these are paid and valid for @ipollosales), plus a few (invalid according to the initial rule) requesting from some new forum users.

Since there are some remaining G1-Mini for total 50 G1-Min reserved originally, it’s up to @ipollosales to make any decision for the remaining ones (about 28 G1-Mini), but I would propose a fair extending here (depends on iPollo’s decision):

  • Either changing the limitation from 2 miners to more miners for each user;
  • Or allow new forum users to make order here.
  • Or maybe both? :slight_smile:

Thanks all your support to secure GRIN network, and thanks for iPollo to invest on this GRIN ASIC miner and discounts/donations(tbd) here. :sunny:

Hope iPollos can manage well on the product delivery, so as to make all buyers receive it on time :pray:


Two units for me as a new forum user.

Thank you.
I want 3 units.

If anyone else wants, 2 units is fine.

I’ll take two G1 mini if it isn’t too late.

Thank you for your answer. I like Grin very much. I am going to switch my miner team to the Grin network. However, if Grin is removed from Cex, where can the miners’ Grin be exchanged?

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I’d like 1 G1 mini. Existing forum member here. Hope I’m not too late and can get one of the remaining

We are sorry that this special sales event for the forum was closed at 2020.12.31 UTC23:59:59. If you still have the intention to buy our G1 mini miners, you still can contact us via email and complete the payment procedure before 2021.1.4 UTC 09:30:00. The price and payment method keep the same, but there won’t be 20% donation for the new sales revenue. Please tell us about your location firstly in your email since we have different quantities available for each customer in different countries.
Each forum user can make order including all registered forum users and those who have already made an order.


Not a direct answer, but quite relevant here: DEX Pairs for GRIN :slight_smile:

Dear all, in this Saturday at 7:00 PM, the Grin Chinese community will hold the GRIN 2nd anniversary party in Hangzhou, China. At the same time, we would like to invite you to participate in this online live broadcast and share GRIN’s story with us if available. If you have the intention to join in this event, please leave your twitter or telegram. Thanks.


I’d like to. Thank you
Twitter @qing69297312

Does anyone know if the g1 mini miner will be re-released and when? I have already sent email to ipollo but I do not receive a reply.

Secondh half of january, I give them till the end of january before spamming. Unfortunately miners are often shipped later than promised. Lets hope iPOLLO is the exception and does deliver on time.


IPoolo - scam project :sob::clown_face::joy:

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They sure made it hard to buy from them and limited the quantity sold to the bare minimum. Not what I’d expect from an exit scam. I tried to buy 12 units and was denied, but they did sell me 5 units. The additional 3 were sold to me after the forum sales concluded.

Do you have any asics from them? :clown_face:

I doubt anyone here does. They haven’t asked us for our mailing address nor payment for shipping cost yet.


Dear all, due to the COVID-19, all chips need to be sterilized before the importment, causing delays in the assembly process of the machine. The factory is currently speeding up the assembly, and we will ship the miners to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding!


Dear Neo-Geo, you have already provided your mailing address in your order. If you want to update the information related with the shipment, please tell us via email. Thanks.


are you delivering G1 minis only or G1 too?