[ENDED] Sales in Forum for iPOLLO G1-Mini Miner with Exclusive Discount and 20% Donation Promise

Hello there… Is there any re-release day of the G1 mini? I’m trying to get in touch via email but I haven’t received a reply.

I want to buy 1 G Mini and pay it with Grin. PM Please.


Why don’t you open all purchase channels? If $ GRIN mining is for everyone? Why make it harder to get the G1 Mini?

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I think they have more customers than that they have miners to sell.
Did you contact them by email or on telegram. The forum is not their sales channel, it is only to confirm that you are a forum member:

Yes I am one of those who sent already emails since first days of January but I do not receive a reply :frowning:

Just wondering are you taking more sales? I would like to order a few machines. Thanks

Customs clearance contacted me concerning a package that’s coming from Hong Kong. This could be the G1-mini ASICs (5 unit order), tho I wasn’t contacted for shipping cost by iPollo. Perhaps iPollo covered shipping as a consolation for the delay. Customs says that no company names were mentioned for my end nor on the sender’s side, and sender is Kit Tang. :arrow_forward:Detailed Tracking :arrow_backward:


I have already received the G1-mini. in 2/12.

Perhaps Ipollo has shipped the G1-mini to Hong Kong.
After that, it seems that delivery by DHL will be done.

I think the delivery time depends on the distance to Hong Kong.


Has been sold out. Well 50 from 1000 out there in this forum.

Hope they will create an additional official store on their website in the future, for public sales.


And yet its true :+1::grin::pray:


Mining at home is a go. They are so small and cute🤗, feel like ordering some more😁

Up and running with 1.50 G/s, which translates in an ROI of 60 days with the current hashrate.
A beautiful example of PoW mining 2.0 at home:

  • Low power consumption, 100 W, equals PoW without demolishing the planet. Especially since I mine on green electricity.

  • Designed for the decades to come. Assuming Moore’s law, current electricity cost of 2% of the mining revenue, this miner should stay profitable for the coming 12 years!

Only a little noisy so I would not put the G1 Minin miner in your bed room.


@ipollosales are there any devices left from the original 50 reserved ? mail sent.

It is good to see that everyone now is receiving the Miners. ᕙ(ᵐ‿ʷ)ᕗ

@ipollosales I would like a Miner!

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We need more. Let me buy it right now.


I am also interested in a miner :slight_smile:


@ipollosales please tell us more about availability! interested in both G1 and G1-Mini

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I need 10 mini Miners!!! Who has any I will buy at $1,000 per unit!

I’ll even buy 5 G1 miners for 150-175k please message me! @ipollosales

i emailed them several times,telegram channel is abandoned.Twiter is dull, their represantitive twitter guys twit about other projects.

Seems problematic.

@ipollosales @gary

I’m interested in purchasing a G1 ( non-mini)

If anyone can help facilitate this please DM me.