[ENDED] Sales in Forum for iPOLLO G1-Mini Miner with Exclusive Discount and 20% Donation Promise

I got my two G1 minis I on 2/18/21 and started mining on them the same day. Four days ago (3/18) the power adapter for one of them died. Then the next day the other power adapter for the other unit died too. I ordered replacement adapters from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08745S8SK) and am able to power up both units with them successfully. One of the units appears to be working and is mining successfully but only at 0.78 G/s (versus the 1.5 G/s others report):

Degraded but at least something. The other one will not mine at all. It boots up successfully and I can login to the webgui but cgminer won’t start. This is what I see in the CGI API Log:


I’ve tried powercycling the unit multiple times and also going to “CGMiner Status” and clicking “Start CGMiner” but it doesn’t start. I ssh’d into the unit and tried to start cgminer manually and it failed:

Is anyone else experiencing issues like these? Were you able to get support from iPollo?

I had the same problem and had to return the first power adapter for something with more watts. This was the one I got 150W.


Hope that helps :smiley:

Great share, thanks. Do you have two miners, I am just curious if swapping the default power adopter could boost the miners efficiency or not? I would expect it would not make a difference, but I am curious if anyone did a comparison of the hash rate when using default versus a better replacement power adaptor.

Thanks! I have one miner. In my experience, the original power adapter stopped working. When I bought a new 120W adapter the miner would start at full hash rate then suddenly stop to 0.00 G/s. This resolved with the 150W adapter.

Ok, so probably no difference in the hash/graph rate. I hope the new adapter gets les hot than the original.

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It helped indeed. Bought the power adapter you suggested and now mining at ~1.5 G/s consistently. Thank you sir.

BTW, one thing I noticed is that it’s running hotter now:


You are right! The new adapter is less hot then the original.

What temp is your other one running at? That one looks dangerously hot. There’s also quite a lot of rejected shares( 18%). Is there any way you can downclock it?

When I use a 120W adapter (this one in particular: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08745S8SK) this is the temperature the ASIC runs at:

but the hash rate is only 0.77 G/s.

So about running hot with the 150W adapter (the one unpourtous suggested)… I don’t see anywhere in the webgui where you can downclock the miner. I thought maybe I could ssh into the miner and edit the /etc/init.d/cgminer file and pass some option to cgminer that would downclock it but I didn’t see a cgminer option that would do that. So I’m stuck with either using the 120W adapter and running at half the G/s. Or using the 150W adapter and probably significantly shortening the life of the miner.

What temperature are people seeing who are getting full hash rate and minimal rejects? That should be the target. You may not ever see 60C with full, valid hashrate unless you put it in a freezer.

What is your ambient temperature? Have you tried putting it in a cooler place? I assume you’re not willing to crack it open and make some cooling mods?

I suspect what is happening is that there is a hard limit of ~100C in the chip, as there should be, and it is throttling to keep the temperature just below that. It’s a little weird that it seems to surface as rejects instead of just a reduced hashrate, but not entirely surprising given the circumstances. :slight_smile:

Edit: this post says there is a configuration setting for changing the fan speed, do you have this option?

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Yes, the fan speed can be changed. These are the default settings:

Temperature: 96.4 ℃ G/s: 1.42 Submit: 1176 Reject: 42 (3.6%)
Your assessment seems very accurate.
I put a small fan next to it to help the temperature…seems to work.

What did you have in mind, some heat sync or cooling fins?
I am afraid there is no more space for fans.
Anyway, maybe best that we continue discussions on possible modding here:

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No point in commenting here, this sale ended a while ago

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