Chat app with Grin built in

Hello grinners,

i had an idea for quite some time now and after doing some research, i want to share it with you. Grin is an interactive protocol so it was obvious for me to think about adding grin to a chat app, where instead of exchanging slatepack or address we can directly send grins like an attached file or a picture.

the idea is to have a profile chat app with your grin account pre-configured.

i found some cool open source chat apps, but there is this BRIAR project that caught my attention. it’s Secure, open source, governed by a voluntary board and well funded

Creating an account , is simple, you can choose any nickname and password. Your Briar account AND messages are stored securely on your device, not in the cloud.

the most interesting part is how you add a contact, and there where the interactivity comes in. to add someone you need to send him your briar:// link and vice versa. Briar uses direct, encrypted connections between users via tor. All communication between devices is encrypted end-to-end.

what if we audit this project, fork the code and add grin to it ? be able to create an account, pre-configure it with a slatepack address , instead of the briar:// address we can use slatepack address to communicate over the app but also transact securely ?


It’s unlikely to gain traction - we had a working (I believe) Keybase plugin for some time and i don’t think it saw any use. Now that we have Slatepack messages, transacting securely on any chat platform is easily possibly, so i don’t see why a dedicated one is warranted and will be used.
But it’s a cool concept.


Or maybe we just need to convince the guys from Signal, apparently the founder Moxie Marlinspike, is enthusiastic about crypto and working on a new digital currency.
Moxie Marlinspike, is working on a new digital currency that is planning to offer simple, fast and cheap transactions for all users. The digital currency is called MobileCoin, is based on the open-source Stellar Consensus Protocols platform, the same platform that powers the Stellar protocol. In a recent news article by Wired

use signal Ilon Mask says

Yeah it’s more of a concept that can raise awareness of grin. we will not see heavy use of it for sure but this can be a strength of the grin ecosystem.

i think that convince them while sending a real POC is better than just shill them a coin. if we can come up with a demo, a nice presentation and a video we can use it as a pitch. the aim of the project is not to launch a new chat app but raise awareness and pitch guys who might be interested. privacy is a real concern and combine effort to build something bigger might be a good next step , worth to try . this can even be a subject to a request funding if anyone is interested. POC (proof of concept) are important too i think