Grin in Signal (messaging app)

Signal is a messaging app with a focus on privacy. This is a shared trait with Grin. The project is currently testing integration of a cryptocurrency called MobileCoin, which is also a privacy coin. According to wikipedia it is similar to Monero, but how deep those similarities go I’m not sure.

I got inspired by the post from @aixinrock about using email as a transport layer for Slatepacks, which made me think that integration into the Signal messaging app would be a good supplementary alternative. Some of the UX challenges with interactive transactions could be mitigated by automating the communication of Slatepacks within a Signal conversation.

Furthermore, Grin’s scalability and blockchain size would make it feasible to run a full node on a phone alongside the Signal app.

Since Signal is currently beta testing their MobileCoin integration (only in the UK), I’m sure they’re too busy to add something like this now, but I wanted to share the idea. Alternatively, perhaps an existing mobile app for Grin could use and monitor Signal to send and Slatepack communication.


The idea of having Grin in any messaging app is great, but since telegram is the most used messaging app in the crypto, I would rather see a stable bot for sending and receiving Grin in telegram.


Signal and Telegram use Only telephone numbers to identify users. So they are on the one hand not permission less. Since in most country telephone numbers need NYC. And second issue of telephone numbers as identifiers is, that that App users often reveal the numbers of their “Adressbook Friends” even if the friends are not using those apps. So Adressbooks / telephone numbers can be considered as broken for privacy. But the idea of having Grin in any messaging app is great!


IMO both options would be great

I agree with these issues, and I wish Signal had a way to disable sharing with my contacts that I’m on Signal.

Regarding phone numbers though, I know that the Signal team is working on enabling user names as a replacement - hopefully it will come soon!

Choosing one over another is probably an important step for a developer as it’s a must to focus on one first.

I think Signal has better privacy and end to end encryption, which WhatsApp does not have.

I would absolutely love to see GRIN payments alongside a messenger.