BitGrin - Announcing Grin fork with bitcoin economics, fair launch

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BitGrin is a implementation of MimbleWimble with time tested Bitcoin economics.
This means there will only ever be 21,000,000 total coins, reducing block reward every 4 years.

There will be only 21,000,000 BitGrin forever, period.

BitGrin will launch it’s mainnet after securing support from miners and pools.
Currently the target is to launch in 7 days, on February 7th, 2019.

Technical Parameters
Block time 60sec
Reward 5 BitGrin, reducing every 2,100,000 blocks (approximately 4 years)
PoW consensus with Cuckoo Cycle

BitGrin uses a very lightweight implementation of MimbleWimble, allowing every user to have complete privacy and anonymity.
BitGrin is also very scalable thanks to our implementation of MimbleWimble we can achieve 60sec blocks while maintaining a
lightweight blockchain. BitGrin was built to follow the time-tested bitcoin economics to the letter, the max coin supply is 21,000,000.
We added a flat-rate of 0.5 BitGrin to be sent to developer wallets -for a slowly distributed development fund - until the first halvening, to closely imitate the economic circumstance of “satoshis coins”, equating to about 4.9% of the total supply.

BitGrin blockchain code, mining software code etc. Is completely open. This is an Open Source project, we encourage everyone
to contribute and improve the code base, we also encourage every 3rd party in our ecosystem to do the same. Sharing is caring.
To ensure a fair launch BitGrin will be released with a “one-click” miner that is functional with supported pools, so even
non-technical users can immediately mine it and contribute in the economy.

Features of BitGrin

Anonymous transactions

Healthy economics

Open Source for All

PoW with Cuckoo Cycle consensus system

Highly Scalable

Additional Information


Yo, you forgot our whitepaper… edit: updated with V2 whitepaper!

Fresh news! We are giving away some of our pre-mined BitGrins! Tweet “Premine Me!” to @ BitGrin to get 100 XBG - only for the first 1000!


No, I do not really work with this scam.

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So it is exactly identical inflation rate as grin until 2023? Ouch! That’s a lot of inflation!!! Never going to work with triple digit inflation! I heard it’s infinite the first block even??

Is it true the initial inflation of bitgrin is INFINITY??? Nuts!


This is so irritating to see you fuck this up. It just shows you have no clue. You did this from scratch and you cannot see the UX problem here? Good luck.

In stead of doing something for the community, you come with this shit.
Did you even got your degree from school? MIMBLE WHIMBLE??? It is without H!!!

Thank you! webmaster fixed it.
You can contact us on telegram, would be great to work with you

terrible copy of Grimble, but in this shitcoin the reward curve is completely retarded because they copy the Bitcoin curve, so you have the same static reward as Grin for the coming four years.

In Grimble, the reward starts dropping much faster, so the coin doesn’t die from inflation right away. Try Grimble people, you can already start mining, it’s very easy!

I heard grumble had INFINITE inflation the first block? Is this true?


Hey, hey, hey, I heard that before the first block, the inflation rate was undefined. I can’t live with that.

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Is ButtGrin a scam? I heard it was a scam on twitter and that I’d be better investing in Monero. Can anyone do my thinking for me and tell me the fastest way to get rich so I can get back to bingeing Netflix. Thnx!

Just released the first GUI wallet - Kingfish
more info Kingfish GUI wallet and miner releases