Manual Faucet for Grin & BitGrin [FORK SPAM]

If you don’t mind a personal, non-automatic Grin faucet, I’m familiar with the popular wallets and will send you small amounts. I can send XBG (Bitgrin) too, which works the same. Visit

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Bitgrin is a bad idea though.


This is definitely not a shill.

My favorite privacy coins are Bitgrin and Beam.

At least the cringy military-context set up by the picture basically announces straight away that everything following won’t be of any value whatsoever.

It is hilarious that the creator feel the need to mention the absence of ignotius for grin as a downside, especially given that bitgringe is a straight fork of grin and thus likely is at some degree also negatively affected by his absence.

This entire thread seems like a not-so-subtle advertisement.

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A not-so-subtle advertisement backfiring into highlighting the greatness of Grin. I approve of this thread.


Personally, I’m surprised “bitgrin” is still around.

By the way, there’s a difference between infinite supply and unbounded supply. Grin supply is not infinite.

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Grin’s supply is infinite the same way that walking covers infinite distance.

(fun fact: 1 meter per second is a gentle walking speed)


I’ve received & read your email, thanks. I began buying Beam in January and this summer got bored with it, frankly. So, I had to learn about slates and really enjoy the feel of MW with the various methods of payment. Owning 1% of a MW coin for $2,000 (XBG) still pleases me.

Wait some time and you may get the remaining 99 % for another $ 2000. Good luck.

Can I block you now?:joy:

Fairly accurate – and I edited out recent link to web(.)mygrin(.org) – not dependable, too bad. Hey, and what about Mickey O’Flynn, The Man With The Grin…

What makes it a “bad idea”? I have followed the bitgrin project a bit and my impression is that the (2 person) dev team really is trying to add value.

There are actually several other grin forks now too. EPIC for example, and at least one more I cant remember ATM. Didnt one of the Grin devs - Gary Yu - recently leave to work on a grin fork project? Even BEAM started as a rewrite copy of GRIN…but they seen to be adding a lot of value on top of the core node and wallet. Are these all a bad idea, or just bitgrin?

Most crypto are a fork of bitcoin, launched with a few minor tweaks. So I guess the same logic makes Most Crypto a bad idea? Or maybe its a good idea to let open-source projects flourish and the markets will decide what has value and what doesnt.

IDK, maybe you have a point. I look at the CMC top 10 and I dont see much there that meets my personal criteria of good crypto projects…most of it looks like garbage to me.

On the other hand I see a lot of innovation in MW and Grin, but (based on price and adoption at least) few others seem to agree.

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Yes. Most crypto is definitely bad ideas.


Yep exactly. Everything is shit grin has tried really hard not to be shitty. Most projects don’t try.

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Have you tried any of the new delicious flavors of White Claw Hard Seltzer?

I saw a link to receive the bitgrin, but not the grin. Are you still doing that? And, what is a good grin wallet. Is GRIN++ wallet a good and secure one to use? I have some grin accumulated and waiting to withdraw from a pool I mined on, but haven’t withdrawn due to lack of knowledge so far. So, it could be nice to get experience with it first before potentially losing my computer’s hard work. Thanks in advance.

Yes, GRIN will be sent to you via txt file. Send your email address to – I will send 0.1 GRIN right away. I use three wallets, Grin++ and Niffler on PC and Ironbelly on Android. Please tell me which wallet you’ll be receiving with. My email will appear like this: