Grin Community Faucet (v2)

In one thing that maybe we could all agree is that Grin is indeed, unique. I don’t want to use this post to discuss whether this is good or bad. I think we have a need of educating users and this is a hard task. I want to suggest bringing back to life a Mainnet Faucet. We used to have one once (?) in 2018.

Then we could have something like implementing both api, testnet and mainnet, like Beam does [why am I always referring to Beam?]. What I want with this is to give a safe playground to new users to learn more about Grin. We have many GUIs now, we can take advantage of this.

Thanks to @quentinlesceller we have this Basic Faucet that can be used using cURL as @vegycslol explains here: Grin testnet exchange example

Now, I have two questions:

1.- How much Grin should be placed in a mainnet faucet?
2.- How much can be sent to the users? For example, Beam is sending 0.000009 with a fee of 100 GROTH.

I would like to read your opinions here. Thanks!


Extremely useful.0.000009 is good example.

For reference, a Groth is 1e-8 Beam, so the amount is 900 Groth, and amount+fee is 1e-5 Beam.
Grin’s tx fees, being an actual spam deterrence, are over 4 orders of magnitude higher than BEAM’s, at about 1 grincent per output.

The problem with handing out an amount of 9 times grin’s minimum fee (about 0.1 Grin), is that it would attract sybil attacks to drain it for pure financial gains. How would we make sure that the outputs go to different people?

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Can we link it to the forum, e.g. need to have a forum account with unique email address associated. This would at least lead some to start reading on the forum. Or would this simply shift the problem to the forum being spammed with fake accounts…

Until when it’s going be 1 grincent? Any faucet or small amount giving in grin needs fixed fee to change.

I was thinking about occasional social media airdrops, for example on twitter, reddit and in the forum. SRS slatepack messages could be posted publicly and people could publicly post their reponse messages. Minimum account age could be specified and only one response per account would be accepted.
People could apply on more than one platform, but who cares…?

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very nice! Good idea.

I think the amount placed should represent an important number.
My opinion; it must be something that evokes the number 6.
That can be 666 or 6666.
Recipients can receive 0.6 or 0.06 Grin.

If you ask why the number 6 is important, I can say that Bitcoin’s genesis block was created on January 3, 2009, expected (6) days, and the 1st block was created on January 9, 2009.
Grin created on January 15, 2019, exactly 10 years (6) days after Bitcoin.
It doesn’t stop here.
Also; Grin’s block reward is (6)0. (6)
Every hard fork of Grin was done (6) months apart.
Mimble and wimble. It consists of (6)+(6) letters.


yeah 666 grin for everyone

100% sure? I don’t know, but if Discourse support OAuth, I think we could add some kind of “Login with”; I don’t think people will go through too much hustle for 0.x grins.

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Good idea I will donate some grin to this faucet