Announcing the Grin Community subteam - help organise Grincon1!

As part of our governance process and following discussion in last week’s meeting, we are launching the community subteam for Grin. This alongside the existing wallet and node development teams.

What does the community subteam do?

Well, it’s a bit up to the members of the team to decide, but initially the idea was to have a group dedicated to help with onboarding of new community members, manage the website, set up communication channels, arrange conferences, and help plan other events and meetups.

Perhaps the most important item immediately on the agenda will be to plan and organise this year’s edition of the grincon conference, tentatively called grincon1.


Similarly as with the wallet and node teams, the initial subteam consists of an open keybase channel. Please join this channel if you are interested in assisting with the formation of the subteam.

Get started

Create an account on Keybase and join There’s a dedicated #grincon1 channel in the team.

Initial team structure and membership are currently undefined so get involved from the ground floor and help define this.


Correcting typo: the team is called and nothing else! :see_no_evil:

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Call for presenters are now open: Grincon1 - call for presenters