GRIN Community Council (CC) received funds of 33 BTC - let's get to work!

It’s finally done!

In a joint effort between a lot of GRIN community members and the GRIN Original Council (OC), the Grin Community Council (CC) was created.

On 2021-09-20 22:39:00 GMT +2 the GRIN Community Council (CC) received 33 BTC (Bitcoin) of funding from the GRIN Original Council (OC) funds, as agreed during our GRIN meeting at the beginning of the year 2021.


A bit of history how did the GRIN Community Council assemble:


16 February governance meeting

- Community fund or community fund+ grin++ fund split is discussed
- Decision was to create a forum post and keybase channel by lehnberg

02 March governance meeting

There wre 3 different proposals for splitting funds.

13 April governance meeting

Simple split fund proposal was accepted by council and selection process of Community Council members has started.

In this proposal it is stated that

“33 btc ($1.5m+) earmarked for a new group, name tbd, funds held in a 4-of-6 multi-sig wallet.”

These are just a few highlights from our countless discussion we had on GRIN Keybase and GRIN Telegram group.

What does the GRIN Community Council do?

Mainly we are focusing on GRIN community project and try to grow the GRIN ecosystem and the interest in GRIN through projects, bounties and community activities.
At the same time we are also funding small and bigger GRIN project and you can apply for a funding request if you meet the GRIN Community Council funding guidelines [4].

We are also part of the GRIN community and are trying to channel GRIN community members wishes and ideas to develop GRIN further.

A few quotes from the GRIN CC members:

  • “Let’s keep pushing this beautiful project and make everyone grin”

  • “Thank you for the trust and for the corporation between us all. We will use the funds wisely and according to the doner’s public wishes and our guidelines. Lets work together OC + CC and we can accomplish a lot together for GRIN.”

  • “We are honored to have been given the trust of the community to represent them and are looking forward to work together with all the great individuals that this community is rich in to make Grin a blossoming project.”

Some words from the GRIN OC members:

  • We are excited to begin the next chapter of Grin, which started with the success of the final scheduled hardfork and continues with collaboration of the new Community Council.

  • The future for Grin is bright as we grow together as an empowered and capable community, moving ever forward toward realizing Grin’s potential.

  • Continuing in the spirit of an open, resilient and decentralized project, it is great to see this group that has earned the trust of the community participating in the evolution of Grin.

Official links:

[1] official GRIN Community Council Gihub repository: grincc · GitHub
[2] Grin Website:
[3] Grin Community Telegram : Telegram: Contact @grinprivacy
[4] Funding guidelines: docs/ at main · grincc/docs · GitHub
[5] GRIN discord: Grin Community
[6] CC official donation address: finance/ at main · grincc/finance · GitHub
[7] Funding transaction:
- Bitcoin Explorer -
- bbfefae9b24dc0a8b875045da92ef85492f60b2202d2acf48163d18633431a3d Bitcoin Transaction Analysis

For donations to the GRIN Community Council, please use only the official GRIN address and BTC donation address:

Link: finance/ at main · grincc/finance · GitHub


GRIN Community Council = CC or GRIN CC
GRIN Original Council = OC or GRIN OC

House rules

As for this thread, please keep it on topic - and keep Grinn’ing !