Announcing the Fundraising subteam

What is a subteam?

In order to continue improving Grin’s governance, it has been decided to set up sub-teams alongside the Technical Council to work and provide continuity and support in each of their corresponding fields.

This is to guarantee Grin’s foundation of a decentralized nature. No rulers, just teams helping eachother.

To date, wallet-dev, node-dev, and community subteams have been started, and now also fundraising!

Why have a fundraising subteam?

This team arose from the need for capital to further the process that is necessary to make Grin successful.

To date, Grin has been very fortunate to recieve some very generous donations from supporters in the community. These donations have allowed the project to have funding covered in the immediate short term. But a steady stream of new funds are needed to support Grin for the many years to come, and to make it succeed.

It is truly remarkable to see what Grin has achieved in short time and with a very limited amount of resources. While capital does not directly translate into better performance, the hope is that by improving the financial position of the project, it will continue to make progress and remain sustainable as an independent, community driven, open source project.

Who am I?

My name is Robert Nass, I live in Amsterdam, but because of my work I can be found at many different places around the world. And so I was able to meet the known faces behind Grin in Berlin last Grincon0. This evening felt like the early days of Bitcoin, knowing that what you see at that moment is so revolutionary, but still not really placeable.

And here I was, second row behind Hashmap, together with a friend from Amsterdam who also had an ear for what these computer wizzards had to say, after all, how could my friend not be interested after all my enthusiastic MW/Harry Potter stories.

I felt the urgency to mean something for this project. After all, Grin only grows through people who’re willing to take the lead. And with the knowledge gained during the event I boarded the plane back to Amsterdam, thinking about how to contribute to Grin. And just a few weeks later a group of people from Amsterdam started a community: Grin Amsterdam.

And with this collective, we had set ourselves a goal to organize an event in three months where we could provide added value to Grin. How?

1) Generate awareness
2) Generate solidarity
3) Generate financial contributions.

This resulted in Grin Amsterdam 2019, Grin Amsterdam was able to create a positive revenue stream that resulted in a donation of +/- 1 BTC to the Grin General Fund besides covering all the cost’s of the event like: location, travel and accomodation.

By building a bridge between Grin and a larger audience, opportunities arise that can play a role in better financial resources for the continuity of the process. These sources can be found in many forms, organizing an event is just one of them.

From my experience with crypto as with the regular financial markets; worked at various financial institutions where I was responsible for the generation of capital and how to market it, actively involved in crypto since '13 and currently full time crypto besides my hobby to give lectures in stress reduction at institutions that need it the most like schools.

With both the experience and the knowledge I would like to dedicate a part of my time to get Grin attached to new resources. This by channeling ideas and work them out as a team.

What does the fundraising team do?

The purpose of the fundraising subteam is to explicitly work on fundraising strategies and initiatives to raise donations, and to roll these out in collaboration with other subteams and the wider community. By looking at possibilities as a collective rather than as individuals, time and energy is saved and we’re more efficient. I invite you to take part in the process and help shape our work!

How to get started

  1. If you haven’t already, create an account on
  2. Join the grincoin.teams.fundraising team. The general grincoin team is also where community wide disucussion takes place.
  3. Once in the fundraising team, join the #welcome channel and inform the team where you from, what you would like to deliver, and if you have any relevant previous experience.