Grincon1 - call for presenters


  • grincon1: c-base Berlin, Nov 22 2019
  • send talk proposal to:
  • deadline for talk proposal: Oct 30 2019
  • results announced: Nov 01 2019


The 2019 edition of the annual grin conference, grincon1, is taking place at the c-base space station in Berlin on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22.

In the spirit of Grin, the event is free and open for anyone to attend. If you’re interested in submitting a proposal to speak at the event, you are very much welcomed to do so.


Topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • RFC proposals
  • Technical discussion
  • New or existing research in a related field
  • Case studies
  • Showcasing Grin products or services
  • Ecosystem & Governance topics

Slides & videos from last year’s grincon0 talks can be found here.

Submission instructions

  1. Copy and edit the below template:

    (*) = Mandatory
    [Replace with proposed title]
    [1-5 sentences describing your talk]
    [Should be between 20-60 mins]
    [1-3 sentences why the grincon1 audience will find this relevant]
    Email address mandatory, telegram/keybase/other optional
    [1 sentence introduction of yourself]
    [City, Country]
    [Any requirements beyond displaying PDF slides on a screen]
    [Any financial reimbursements you would need in order to be able to attend]
  2. Send as an email to by WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 30 2019.

Selection process

  • The grincon1 talks selection committee consists of:

  • They will review received applications and make an attempt to select a set of diverse speakers presenting topics that are relevant to the grin community.

  • Results will be announced publicly by FRIDAY NOVEMBER 01 2019, without directly mentioning any talks that didn’t make the cut.

  • The selection committee reserves the right to submit their own talk proposals, following the same process.

Additional info

  • Grin is funded by donations. There is no budget for speaker fees, accommodation, or travel. But if you list your particular requirements in the application, they may be considered.
  • No shilling, buzzwords, or pitches.
  • Speakers are expected to adhere to Grin’s code of conduct.

Want to help organize the event?

All preparations are happening on keybase:

  1. Download and install the keybase client and create an account.
  2. Select “Join a team”, and enter
  3. Join the #grincon1 channel.


Daniel Lehnberg

Edit Oct 19: Adding contact details to template


Bump. Today’s the last day for you to submit your talk proposal. :point_up: