Grincon1 - Tentative program schedule

In line with our grincon1 event planning process, this is a tentative program schedule announcement.

As part of the grincon1 talks selection committee, @hashmap, @quentinlesceller, and myself would like to thank all those who submitted talk proposals.

In the spirit of Grin, we’re taking an inclusive, simple, and minimal approach to talks: As many speakers as possible, talking on a wide variety of topics, for a short amount of time. Rather than having a few longer talks.

For future events it might be worth considering turning grincon into a longer, multi-day event, but for this time we’re sticking to last year’s format of an informal IRL gathering for the Grin community.

The agenda is still very much subject to change, and we’ll be reaching out to confirm with the speakers in the next few days.

Schedule (subject to change)

# Title Presenter Duration Start time End time
1 State of the Union @yeastplume/@lehnberg 0:40 17:00 17:40
2 Grin networking - past, present, futures? @hashmap 0:15 17:40 17:55
3 Grin Security @joltz 0:15 17:55 18:10
4 Grin Open Research Problems @quentinlesceller 0:15 18:10 18:25
- BREAK - 0:10 18:25 18:35
5 Lelantus-mw @valdok 0:20 18:35 18:55
6 Mimblewimble on Ethereum Wanseob Lim 0:20 18:55 19:15
7 10 Month of Grin Mining: A Recap and how to mine C32 Today @lolliedieb 0:20 19:15 19:35
8 Where in the world is the Grin ASIC? Henry Quan 0:25 19:35 20:00
9 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest @tromp 0:15 20:00 20:15
- DINNER BREAK / LIGHTNING TALKS - 0:45 20:15 21:00
10 Grin Chinese community @qitian 0:15 21:00 21:15
11 Ironbelly mobile wallet @i1skn 0:15 21:15 21:30
12 Grin Usability @nijynot 0:15 21:30 21:45
13 Can we send Grin using Telegram easily? Iryoung Jeong 0:15 21:45 22:00
14 Core Q&A Grin core team 0:15 22:00 22:15
- AFTER PARTY - 22:15

Edit Nov 4: Adding Lelantus-mw talk.


Nice program for Grincon1 !

Very nice program. Could David Burkett be live-streamed in at some point ?

Great program! Looking forward🇩🇪

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Schedule updated to add talk about Lelantus-mw.

Will this event be live streamed? @lehnberg


This lineup was just featured in an episode of One Minute Crypto. Can’t wait!


Bump. Will this event be live streamed? @lehnberg


I sure hope it’ll be streamed.

Sorry missed this - @Chronos yes I believe it will


Event should be starting momentarily. I’ve heard that the stream is delayed due to a technical issue. When it’s live, I will be restreaming here:

GrinCon1 on the c-base broadcast:


Grincon1 slides & videos are now available. All links are available on the Github page. See