Livestream for Grincon U.S. Conference

Here’s the livestream for the Grincon U.S. conference taking place starting 0900 PT on 1/28/19, for those who cannot join us in person:


The conference schedule and speakers are on the conference website

thanks for the Information!

That’s awesome! Was thinking of catching it, but was too late to plan around it. Good to have a stream here

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Can’t wait to see igno’s presentation. I mean, hear igno’s voice. I mean, hear igno speaking through a computer generated voice via ssh. I guess Dan Boneh will be cool too.

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Great! Wish you good luck :wink:

bump - live now - bump

It looks like the livestream was taken down from youtube for copyright issues - my guess is because of the music played during the breaks (which was great, btw). Youtube says:

“This video contains content from SME and WMG, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

I hope the video can be edited and reposted. Thanks

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Would love to see each talk as a separate video. Wasn’t able to watch them all live. Thank you, great event!!

Could only catch the first part of this, any ideas where it is archived?

Ridiculously heavy-handed by youtube - music playing in the background at an event that is totally incidental is fair usage … algorithms not very good at determining something like fair usage yet - too non-binary… :frowning:

What happend to D-Tube? Will this ever become a thing?

blocked in my country by some corporate types, due to copyright reasons… someone ought to make a decentralized you-tube

any chance this will be available after thefact somewhere else?


Too bad, but the video is blocked. – as one of the alternatives.

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Nice concept.

Will there be an ICO? :rofl:

@catnic, so what about video from the conference?

This tool would allow someone in the US to extract the video from you-tube

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We have to take the recording, take out the music segment, and split the video up into smaller chunks. Will re-post the recording as soon as it’s done!


thanks for this! maybe the file is too big

Thanks very much, i hope you had a splendid time at the conference!