Livestream for Grincon U.S. Conference

The livestreaming video is no longer available on Youtube. Can we edit the video and re-post it? Would love to listen again to the fireside chat with Pro Dan Boneh. Thanks

Are the slide decks available anywhere?

So anyone working on this? If it’s just the intermission, cut it out, and put ti back together, upload it to bit-torrent.

The video file is being edited and segmented (it’s a very large file). Will be uploaded when complete.



I geuss I won’t be vpning it and torrenting it

Has anyone done a write up on GrinCon?

The only thing i read, was the suits were pretending to be coders to get in, and others (who knows, maybe the suits) were stealing passes.

That sounds like a pain in the ass. Thanks for the effort!!

Thank you for your answer.

Or you can ignore YouTube and create a channel on the awesome open source platform right now:

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The GrinconUS videos and slides are up!

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If it goes down again, I got downloaded copies this time around

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