Announcing "Grin It to Win It" best meme bounty!

Hi all,

Exciting times in the Gringdom with all the attention, and development prospects aligning in recent weeks. How do we best let others enjoy the mission of this simple, small, brave yellow coin?

It is to this end: to promote community engagement, share awareness to the greater crypto-sphere, (and have fun), that grin is very-much alive and kicking, I am sponsoring a meme bounty.

The idea so far is generically “Best meme receives 10 grin.” But that’s just the start. If others contribute, we can see how large and wide we can grow both the pool and the message.

Starting ideas:

-When grin reaches above (below?) 500 marketcap coin on coinmarketcap, the challenge will commence for X days.


-The bounty would commence Today and continue for X days

-I will donate 10 grin to the winner, decided by either:
a. my discretion
b. raw upvotes/shares across platforms (Twitter, reddit, forum etc.)

-Anyone else who contributes 10 or more grin will be able to vote on the “Best” meme.


-The “winner” is stipulated to be the meme with most upvotes/shares regardless.

A reputable third party could hold the bounty (David, John, Mac etc.) as the pool grows to ensure safekeeping.

I hope this is seen as light-hearted, and perhaps one of many community-member driven initiatives.

We are the community, each one of us, and after all: You can’t spell “Making Better Money” without “meme.” :slight_smile:




Congratulations on being the first formal submission! Lol I think this needs to be organized a little bit better in the coming days, but I think we could have fun with this as a community

Testing reply from email

Not a meme, but still nice to explain transaction sizes to crypto muggles.


I actually quite like this and would consider it a meme. I was thinking to even include on the final revision of the contest bonus points for the fundamentals of privacy, scalability, linear/tail emission, what do you think?

That could be fun, I also appreciate Harry Potter themed memes, but only as a bonus, not a restriction.
I will donate 6 Grin to the runner-up

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i think that tells a lot.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen the movie can you explain the context please?

Love it, and 100bytes is even smaller than it looks (picture not to scale)!

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joking right? u didnt see it?

old one is satoshi,young is igno

Ok, Haha. no not joking unfortunately. I’ve been making it a point to watch the old classic movies tho. Would you be interested in contributing to the bounty fund? So far we have 16 grin total

“privacy without bloat”
“evenly distributed”

To graphically illustrate the latter, we could show amount of coins emitted in first year as fraction vs soft total supply (pie chart maybe), which is a measure of wealth concentration.


Better say “historical transaction size”, to indicate that
size savings are only realized when outputs are spent?!

You are right, Zcash to Monero ratio is more or less correct if you use the area. Grin in comparison to the others is correct if you would take the volume of Snitch (Grin) compared to the volume of the Bludger (Monero) and the Quaffle (Zcash)

True, I modified the meme for correctness.

Very nice! These could be considered meme-worthy in themselves, But maybe someone could put them on a graphic or something.

Would you be interested in contributing a small amount to the meme bounty?

Very cool. But the scale is nowhere near right.

I made some minor modification so now the proportions are really measured perfectly. You have to read it as an area chart, so the proportions in diameter are 100^0.5 to 2000^0.5 to 2400^0.5.