Grin It to Win It: Best Meme Bounty - Winner to be announced

Just fantastic-

Thank you to all who participated in the first annual “Grin It to Win It” Best Meme Bounty. There was a point when I thought the memes had stopped flowing, and we’d kind of waddle into the deadline, but nice work! Genuinely enthusiastic with all the effort from across the platforms: twitter, grin forum, and telegram. For those of you who haven’t met your grin brothers from another platform, check them out.

No matter who, and whichever meme ultimately wins this challenge, I hope the exercise demonstrates the ability to come together in a voluntaryist manner for a common cause. Not only was it fun, creatively expressive, but also helped spread the very real message of why grin is uniquely positioned to deliver more-scalable, more-private, more-fair economic freedom to the world. We should all feel proud of this success.

I truly believe there is space in grin’s ecosystem for everyone who wishes to contribute. Even better, when we expand that ecosystem by helping others find their purpose through collaboration, education and engagement. I know it has been a arduous two years or more for some of us, but lest we forget: We are the community, each one of us, and grin is a product of our energy, values, and time. We are the human hashpower; we are the social scaling. We are the future as this magnificent project ticks on block-by-block.

Grin on time warriors, and tune in tomorrow for the announcement of the grin in chief, and recipient of the 195 grin Best Meme Bounty :slight_smile:


Wait, I just uploaded my masterpiece, it is definitely worth having a look at:

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Your Winner for the first annual BEST MEME BOUNTY is grinpirate for his submission…

Our runner-up, and with all due credit and creativity, goes to… NIRG for his submission…


I sincerely appreciate all the effort, time and love put into these, and hope to see you all next year, or a targeted 525,600 blocks around the sun!

*Initially mwgrin_fr was absent from tabulation, but after inclusion, did not change the outcome- though it was by .8 points, even after the 20% harrypotter context bonus. Please see the revised sheet attached.
*detailed documentation forth-coming

If someone knows a better site to host/share files anonymously please let me know!

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Lol, hilarious.
A suggestions, maybe for next year we should use bots to cross post all memes over all platforms.

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under which “License” are the memes, can we all use them?

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For my part, anyone who wants to use wallpapers or logos can do so freely. If he wants to use it on a website, all I would like would be to mark the creator (nirg) and the associated links of grinforum (nirg) and reddit (d-resistance) :slight_smile: In future time I will collect all the designs (I’m still processing more) in github. Always free to use of course.

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Please consider this an open-source contest :slight_smile:

Memes are by definition open source, even if you use photo’s of others or normally copy-write protected material, it is allowed since it is satire :grinning:.

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grin pirate has confirmed receipt; @nirg please hit me up and I’ll send over your runner up bounty, thanks!


Awesome. Congratulations to grinpirate and @nirg!

We should repeat this one day.