24/7 testnet server & miner now online @ testnet.grinminer.net ***status: online***


Status: online producing testnet blocks to aid Grin development

coming 2025 and seeking beta testers

ties to community

Home to Stratum for a Grin community miner that is the only permanent block producing testnet node and mining pool to support Grin development.


Offering services, applications, automation, and support to help Grin miner’s with tooling to enhance mining to a non-Public solo Stratum pool.


Building platform independent web interfaces using Rust web apps to send and retrieve stats and status from Rust daemons running on Grin nodes/pools.

cypherpunk hosting

Available Q1 2025 in addition to these tools we will rent private HA outbound nodes and solo pools hosted by our data centers featuring symmetrical dedicated fiber lines and failover.

We will only charge a minuscule monthly cost to cover support by a 14 year veteran of self-hosting and running cost-effective IT departments for three local small businesses with no data breaches and zero outages.

Inquire with Transatoshi about hosting for any other Grin related projects.

what we DON’T do:

-Promise any earnings or performance boost regarding your ability to mine blocks

-Force a contract or take PII to get a HA solo pool VPS rented

-Charge a fee on 60ツ blocks rewards you earn

-Fail to authenticate and encrypt miner traffic and stats like 99% of pools

-Steal blocks like some sketchy pools

-Use any third party hosting or VPS service secret backdoor

-Yield to any authority over our practices

-Have profit as a goal

-Seek outside funding until it provably benefits Grin’s community UX experience

FOSS principled

FOSS under MIT license so you can compile and use our tools for your own solo pool at home. We only charge a fee for hosting and support.

increased hashing and stability of the G1 mini

Overclocked version of the G1 mini v5.2.4 SD firmware is coming, and potentially a new updated openwrt firmware for the G1 mini with cgminer and stratum that isn’t a buggy mess with a broken package manager.


06/30/24 Day one of testnet block production

08/01/24 Begin beta testing period + start uptime measurement

01/01/25 Grinminer.net goes in to production at primary site

06/01/25 Planned launch of second data center


If anyone mines to it, I will pay out tGRIN within 48 hours of coinbase tx maturation.

If there are other miners I will develop a system to pay out like a public pool.

Here’s the tGRIN count so far…

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Testnet has been up and stable for 24hr with 100,000 tツ mined so far and the website is hosted on the same server using Nginx and Let’s Encrypt for SSL.

This will be my last update posted on it, I will edit the messages from here on out for news.

Feel free to use this thread if you need support, or scan a QR below, you can always also email transatoshi@grinminer.net


Nice! I’ll try to set the community G1 mini on this testnet later this Saturday since there are some challenges with the other servers.

Make sure you have it on the right port, I changed it to 13416 since testnet is 13414. I really appreciate it!

With the community G1 mini now the official dedicated testnet miner I’m ecstatic to go remove the donation pages and point my hash back at mainnet reducing my burden to nothing because now I am free to take the next step and provide a backup pool with the lil box en route


@Mattczt @Cobragrin FYI.

I connected the community G1 Mini to this testnet pool with the same worker/password credentials as with the other pools. Hope that’s okay.