Why should i use grin?

Hi there,
so my question is : why people should use grin ?

i’am not an expert but i know that grin is the first implementation of the MimbleWimble Protocol, a Privacy-oriented currency. Ok looks Cool, so this is supposed to be used by persons who need to be anonymous. those people don’t care about Blocks, size etc they want a SIMPLE way to buy, store and spend their coins and of course if you can hide all the details about the transaction like amount, address etc that would be nice.

Those people are the key, and they can make grin a real trusted currency. it’s important to have some enthousiast people debating about the protocol, the technology and the next roadmap, but don’t forget about the real users, simple users.

it’s those people who will bring a real value to the coin and make it A CURERNCY.

Where are all those people ? people searching for privacy ? They are on the Darknet, on different marketplaces searching for products, or whatever. The problem is that when they proceed to payment, they don’t find grin so they will never know about it.

You guys before continuing coding and improving, just let the people know by starting collaborating with different darknet actors, show them how your coin can change the game.
Users will then start wondering what is this new coin ? how this can bring them anonymity and start comparing it with other coins in a first step. and then they will try to creating a wallet, start buying some coins and test it on marketplaces.

First thing it’s to start collaborating with the real actors and target real users. Create a grin GUI wallet is a must have. by the way i really like Niffler it’s a good example .

Once you have the users, and get plugged with a multitude of marketplaces, you will get the transactions and people will start creating wallets and buying coins.

When you have the users, you will gain trust and value and one day you will be listed on exchanges because users wants to buy grin

i want to see real use cases of grin not just threads and documentation about stuff i don’t even understand.

Thank you for your time.

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Agreed about Niffler wallet - user-friendly, works consistently, is supported by its developer, easy to transfer to and from exchanges using hedwig service, basic UI but ripe for pimping… why not give it some quasi-official Grin wallet status @grincouncil?!

I personally think Grin++ is easy to use. @Mokhtar, your point of usability is generally recognised by both other community members and developers. Just a bit more time is needed to make the necesarry steps. Personally I see Grin as money for everyone, not just the darkweb.

I appreciate your ideas and the enthusiasm but I really hope they don’t do that for their own good.

The council approving code that was not checked by any of them would be a very reckless move. The council should vouch for the code they provide, they should not be concerned about other projects and be under pressure to approve them. It’s a separation of concerns that needs to happen and is healthy. All the other wallets that are useful (I’m thinking Grin++ and Niffler) will naturally get a user base over time due to their simplicity and different features. I think these two are more user friendly than the grin-wallet but I also think we should not push for approvals. In my opinion, the council could have a list of third party projects with a bold disclaimer that they have not audited the code and can’t vouch for their workings.

P.S. I really like Grin++ and Niffler. They’re both slick.

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Yeah, to be clear - I wasn’t endorsing blind approval of Niffler by the council - rather, that they might consider auditing the code and giving it some sort of blessing, assuming it checks out, as this should be less effort than trying to bring the command line wallet or whatever up to a better level of usability for non-deep-tech fam.

I agree. Going to post some thoughts on this topic in another thread.

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