Who manages this forum?


I have vast experience with the discourse platform and have experience with making it look nice and adding some nice plugins on an ‘opt in’ basis.

if the Admin’s wanna DM me or start a restricted chat I can suggest ways to make the site feel more professional.

P.S. I am seeking 0.00 Grin for my suggestions, I write for free LOL


0 grin?! Do you also write economic articles btw? Just asking, for a friend.


Sorry mate

my economics are not worth charging for :slight_smile: All I can manage to write about is hodling


HI @unknownus3r, I’m the admin of the forum. What plugin do you suggest? Feel free to DM me.

I would suggest something like accepted answer plugin or question/answer plugin.

To summarize the argument from this post:

We need a knowledge base. A proper tool to communicate, especially technically and preserve the answers for later so that people who understand MW do not need to repeat themselves over and over again.

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