Staying on-topic in the forum

Please keep threads on-topic.

We’ve created a new section, Rants & Flames, a dedicated home for rants and un-constructive complaining moving forward.

Off-topic comments in threads will from now on be tagged with whining/off-topic spoilers to prevent them from being shown by default in forums discussions.

If you don’t like this moderation policy, please consider submitting a new moderation RFC proposal and help form the initial non-council moderation team.


I am member in at least 10 forums, crypto and my profesion, and is single with such section.
You sent contestants to speek in to the wood.
In antic Greece, contestants have a special place in the plaza from center of city

it’s what makes us SO SPECIAL

I think this is fine, some threads got spammed with stuff that was disconnected from the thread itself. People that want to raise concerns can do so (and should) by creating a new thread where they give constructive criticism.