[MOD] Off topic: Screenshot from ARRRR telegram group


What arrrr we looking at in this screenshot?

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Can I know why it is off topic?

@lehnberg, you didn’t like the formulation I did to tell that Grin Talk was quitting the community by publishing the screenshot ?

value of humor is decided by the counsil ?

Or you just think that saying that Grin Talk leaving the community is off topic ?

should I mention that Grin Talk videos were regularly
mentioned by a media sponsored by the consul (The grin weekly newsletter) ?

Just ridiculous.

Should I also reming that a topic that advertised a wallet that is very likely to be a scam (flarewallet) is liked by some members of the counsil - oh the author said thank you to Vault713, so it must have been a good feeling in which making a thumb up was very difficult to resist to - and this little topic about Grin Talk moderated for strictly no reason ?

you should maybe take yourself a little, little, little, bit less seriously (sometimes)

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It’s off-topic because it’s not uncategorized enough! We only accept the most uncategorized of the uncategorized posts here!


Thank you.

it is a literal fuck you to the original poster to empty a thread’s tittle from all its substance with no reason.

I was being sarcastic. The topic was moved to “Uncategorized” (hence my joke) and the title was changed at the same time. You can see this by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right of your post.


Psh, Ragnar Danneskjöldcoin is the real ARRR Pirate Chain.

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The original title of this thread was “R.I.P. Grin Talk”.

Very stupid, and arrogant, moderation

How to properly mute a news that you dont want to hear in 1 lesson by Daniel Lehnberg. clap, clap.

A bit like the full archive node discussion where even the most objective arguments had quite a lot of difficulties to not be doxxed. (Ignotus said so)

Hey @kurt!

Reading your posts above, I can tell the moderation made you really upset, and I’m sorry that ended up being the case, it wasn’t our intention. Let me give some context:

  • There are several moderators on the forum, I am not the only person doing moderation, and certainly not on your posts. You can single me out if it makes you feel better to direct your anger towards me, but it doesn’t mean you are right in doing so.

  • Our main objectives when moderating are to try to make sure the forum is in line with Grin’s code of conduct. Nothing else.

  • In the particular case, there was a moderator discussion about the thread and it being inappropriate:

    1. Your original title R.I.P. Grin Talk is inappropriate because “Grin Talk” is not only the name of a YouTube series, but also a person’s account. By only posting a screenshot and an emoji, it’s not clear who you are referring to. Is it RIP the YouTube show? Or the person that is Grin Talk? I took it as being a joke meant in “good spirit”, but that doesn’t mean that the particular person behind the account would. You were unfortunately quite vague in your post, which leaves it open for a lot of interpretation.

    2. Furthermore, it’s also not clear what exactly you were trying to say by the post itself. Why are you posting this in the first place? People are free to think what they want about Grin, and it’s completely fine to prefer other projects. If people were to post telegram screenshots on the forum of every person saying that they preferred some other project over Grin, it would quickly be flooded. To me, it felt like you were harassing ‘Grin Talk’, the person, for what he was saying in a completely separate community, and for preferring some other project. The DMs you sent to me prior to posting on the forum where you were thinking he was being “brainwashed” is in line with this. Please don’t harass other people on this forum, everybody is free to have their own opinion about Grin, even if it conflicts with your own.

  • Another suggestion amongst the moderators was to call this thread ARRR vs Grin Trash Talk. I think in hindsight, I prefer this one better as it’s a bit more descriptive. If you prefer this as well, I am happy to change it to that. Just let me know. Or if you yourself have a better idea, please feel free to make a suggestion.

  • Nobody of the mods particularly want or like being moderators, which is why we for some time now have tried to set up a separate team to do this. With everything else that’s been going on, progress has been quite stagnant recently. I’ll try to personally make this more of a priority moving forward, and take that as an action point for how I could improve.



My apologies. In my head of course all the R.I.P. was about the YouTube show, not the person. But I have been stupid enough to think it for obvious.
I had just the idea to open this thread in a little burlesque way rather than too formal, and the whole approach was friendly in my head.

I should have just asked the reason of the moderation.

Instead, I have been unable to contain my chain of angers and reacted like I did as a stupid asshole probably, to just give a bad spectacle

I’m sorry