Moderation on the thread "core team and governance structure"

The present post is solely for information (not to create any drama); posts that I did, totally politely, have been deleted by @lehnberg (I wonder why the treatment has been different for these posts) in the recent governance structure thread.
It is important to specify, since they have been deleted, that the first one was about debating the moderation decision on the lattest @MerlinsBeard post. In the second one I just specified that it was about the @MerlinsBeard’s post that I have been censored. I am not sure about the direction here of deleting normal posts.

I wanted here to clearly specify that this was just discussing politely about MerlinBeard’s post which was not possible to do in the other thread since those two posts of mine have been curiously deleted.


I’m doing my best to keep that 100+ post thread focused. As per the original post I made my intention very clear:

I also pledge to heavily moderate this thread, so please stay on-topic and stay constructive, no bad faith rants or trolling will be tolerated.

I’m not debating moderation decisions, but the affected are free to discuss with me further in private if they have questions.

Your moderation decisions are poor and you moderated things that are totally relevant to core and governance

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your post was offtopic and included your broken record “everyone gather against core”… I’m really glad it got moderated.

It is on topic, it is about core and governance. But i know you are all about unilateral, centralized and biased opinions of core

how is complaining about the “Moderation policy” or “security lead not weighing enough on (re)play attacks” on topic for “Dismantling the core team and governance structure”? You’re supposed to give constructive criticism not throwing yet another one of your burst attacks. Your post was not done with good intent while moderation is done with good intent - and I’d say it is effective. I’ve been reading some of our old forum posts and they are a mess to read precisely because we didn’t moderate these ping-pong kicks… sure, some moderation will be wrong from time to time, nobody is perfect, but it’s much better than before imo.

Categorizing this topic as Rants & Flames now. Have fun!

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Examples of the failures of the current core and governance structure.

The moderation is not done with good intent, it moderates things that are people’s opinions regarding the core and governance structure. The fact @lehnberg feels he gets to decide what opinions are valid or not is part of the problem.

If it were truly off topic it would be one thing, but if it isnt off topic, yet one person gets to decide to censor people… Censorship should be used as a last resort

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You’re right, I suggest we have a meeting to discuss whether each post should be moderated. Notice that I was referring to your comment specifically because you sound like a broken record repeating the same arguments. You can’t just throw them out again (for the 10th time) and be like “look, but it says core and governance in the topic!”. That’s not constructive or made with good intent, everyone knows that because you’ve been around for long enough and made similar remarks every. single. week. I’d argue you’re more of a problem than anyone else in the community because you’re causing more division than anyone else. You’re also the main reason why I felt the need to defend the core publicly - and I still feel that because you just don’t know how to stop. It’s about time you reflect on your behaviour for once and at least try to take a more productive path to whatever problem you want to resolve.

I’m really sorry I had to say this, but this has to stop at some point because it’s been at a point of harassment for quite some time from my eyes.

P.S. yes, you can go on and make your speech saying how I don’t have a thick skin or whatever… I don’t care

I find it constructive to point out the shitty decisions of core and governance structure. I am not really concerned if you and core find it constructive because you and the core are behaving in ways that I feel will destroy grin so if you find my behavior destructive then that means it is doing something right.

Unless you and core are a bunch of 19 year old gen Z people, I realllllly dont get the whole “everywhere is a safe place” crap. You dont always get to hear what you want to hear, especially when you are saying or doing dumb shit. This is the real world, it isn’t little league baseball where everyone gets a ribbon.

It was anything but constructive. There’s a clear distinction between disagreeing while trying to actually resolve the problem (this is what the other thread is for) and continuous harassment. You don’t always get to keep your posts, especially when you’re repeating harassments. This is real world, it isn’t a little league baseball…

Moderator is being out of line and over moderating = on topic

Security guy in the core and governance structure doesnt publicly contribute anything meaningful to a massive security issue = on topic.

You guys are ruining grin, i wish igno never left the reigns to a bunch of thin skinned, emotional, horrible leaders.

News flash… you can be constructive and be destructive to the current structure of this shit show.

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No, moderation on the forum is not on topic. I find it hilarious that you keep blaming others for your harassments. Unfortunately, we’re not as tough as you are.

A core member moderating the dissenting opinion of core on a thread about dismantling core… totally on topic, but keep pretending otherwise.

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A wise man once said:

guys you are so wierdo all of you :slight_smile:


I do think we need to do something about the constant energy leeching of certain individuals. It’s very demotivating and will inevitably end with people leaving the community.


I think Lehnberg deserves a rise for time and energi alocate to this hard moderation

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Unfortunately, money won’t solve this problem. People don’t like being harassed and will move elsewhere in the same way that people don’t ‘enjoy’ being in abusive relationships and leave. I’ve seen talented people leave other communities for far smaller reasons than what is happening here and had the opportunity to talk to them about why they left. It turns out that they just don’t like being around abusive people and move on. I’d be willing to bet that some core members will eventually leave because of it if this continues. I’d also argue this behaviour hits a few emotional abuse points as well. Let’s remind ourselves that mental/emotional abuse is no different than physical abuse. I’m assuming we all agree that “you have a thin skin” is not the victim’s fault when they get beaten up, right? so why are we doing nothing when we see the emotional version of it?

I really do believe that these individuals are very harmful to the community. When I look back, I’d prefer if they were never around because of all the destructive behaviour they bring with them and cause to many community participants that actually try to be nice.

P.S. I know that I’m not being nice with my statements. It really bugs me that they don’t care about the feelings of others, and when a certain threshold is reached, I stop caring about theirs as well.

P.S.2. I’m fully aware that I’m starting this conversation when others have stopped. This is because I really don’t want this being swept under the rug again. That’s really not ok and we need to get better if we want any kind of sustaining community.


Pfff, i was ironic …

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