How to combat the trolls

This forum has seen an influx of trolls and FUD. If you’re like me, you may have pondered ways to fight the problem. From a game theoretical perspective, I think direct interaction with the trolls cannot win:

  • banning accounts is ineffective
  • FUD always has more impact than retorts dispelling said FUD
  • proving someone is a troll results in hours/days of inconclusive debate, furthering the troll’s objective to detract from the project

Instead, the only winning strategy I see, is to increase the signal-to-noise ratio on the forums. Our community has many great discussions on other platforms, like Keybase, Github, Telegram, etc. We should move these conversations to the forum, where applicable. The more meaningful conversations take place on the forums, the less impactful a troll is at degrading the community.

I encourage anyone having a discussion in the community, to consider moving that discussion to the forums. But that’s just my two cents :slight_smile:


i agree mostly.

This is a good point, on the other hand those channels become silence too. Anyway that cross posting always useful. Trying is better than doing nothing.


@AceKaplin I fully agree :+1: . The problem is that :troll:'s: waste our energy so we cannot get to the real discussions and progress. For example, the discussion on Grin Bulletin board solutions for ‘offline’ transactions (not really offline, but same convenience).

I also expressed this opinion here how we should not fall for the trapp of trolls to start good discussions which are started under false pretexts, meaning the discussion is not urgent or important to be had and was only aimed at creating disent in the community:

I discussed it with other moderators, we will start a stricter banning policy for trolls, three strikes and you are out (2 months ban). Threatening and personal aggression or repetitive trolling can get you directly banned. I agree banning is not the solution, but still it will save time and energy by not entertaining these :troll: for to long so we can all move on to useful discussions :slightly_smiling_face:.


If we’re getting trolls, then we are living in minds rent-free - which is a pretty good deal for a community-driven FOSS project! :laughing:


What’s the point of noise? I was making noise in 2020-2021. And what is the outcome? There is no news that could help. GRIN is likely to be dead for a few more years.
It will come to life, perhaps only when the Fed and the Central Bank make all available currencies fully traceable. Then maybe people will need anonymity.

In the meantime, GRIN can be considered an unnecessary coin.

No application - no community - no price.
But maybe that will change. I hope


:point_up: I only see negative noise from you in your whole history… more or less what you would expect from a troll :troll:. We were talking about positive noise, not more trolling…

Other way around. Those of us interested in following the project would benefit from more signal and less noise. See ‘signal to noise ratio’:

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I’m not talking about this forum, which has at most 30 people

2600 users of which 90 were active last month.
So where can I find this positive noise you made, Telegram, Discord, some other channel? I would like to verify.

Sometimes trolls are useful, I would not write them off. And also, the main thing is not to confuse the troll, such games have a detrimental effect …