Notice to Grin Community Council members and anyone who votes in favour of giving out funds from CC

@trab Do not take @davidtavarez disagreeing personal.
Point is that this whole discussion was fueled by troll @Ghost3 with the purpose to create dissent within the community. I have seen this happen multiple times in the past, do not let the trolls succeed :troll:. The trick mostly used by the trolls is to mix valid arguments and ideas from the past with bullshit arguments FUD and a false sense of ‘there being a problem’ while in reality things are fine as they are. Often the objective is to restart difficult discussions from the past that were already rounded off, since they know they can create dissent when there were different opinions on such topics in the past.

This does not mean we cannot improve the current government structure or should not have these discussions at all. Actually many of the current community council members and other community members supported @joltz Grand Proposal idea:

Purely for practical reasons since we do not have the man power or momentum to build, maintain and use such as system, do we use the current more simple governance and funding method. Hence, this discussion should be had at a time when it is actually fitting and we have the manpower and other reasons to reconsider these alternatives.

The main point I want to make is that many times good discussions are started under a false pretext with no constructive objective by the poster. The openings I gave @Ghost3 for an honest discussion were only used to create FUD and dissent instead of honestly and openly working towards improvement.

So lets not buy into this trolls bullshit :poop: :troll: and fall for the trolls trap of creating dissent among one another when our temperaments are running high because in reality we are getting exhausted by the toxic discussions fueled by these trolls :troll: :exclamation: .
Currently there are more worthy topics that do require our attention and energy, for example a Grin bulletin system:

Because all the trolls and general lack of time, these more worthy discussions are shelved. At least I wished I had more time to actually look into this in dept. Lets focus our energy on topics that we should be spending them on and not waste them on a discussion started under a false pretext. Lets stay strong and united as community :pray: :people_hugging:.