Notice to Grin Community Council members and anyone who votes in favour of giving out funds from CC

The CC (Grin Community Council) is an illegal entity and must be folded back into the GF. The donation to Grin were given with “Donor imposed Restrictions”.

The donations were given to the people who administered the last donation, not the CC. As far as I am aware, restrictions can be explicit or implicit. From my reading, they are very clear in who they wanted to control the funds, and what they wanted it spent on. It is also the judgment of the core team that they trusted, not some mythical community members.

Anyway, the restrictions are below and very clear. You may choose to ignore them, but it seems to me that you are giving out funds that you have no right to and therefore you are ALL personally liable for funds you are gifting. As a member of this community I reserve the right to reclaim for the community the funds you are gifting so freely.

Donor imposed Restrictions:

I know how you treated the last donation, this is why I am contacting you. :slight_smile:

I don’t judge you on how to spend just want to make sure you can process it and distribute it as you need

It feels like 2009/2010 again

Don’t worry, you are doing great.

It’s wonderful that we have GRIN now, our motives are not economical! It’s about the technology and the protocol.

Please put it to good use for the development of GRIN.

You keep working as you did in the past.

We saw your work and your ethics towards the project and your interest free work.

This is what we are honouring right now with these donations so that you can work freely on GRIN. Without economic dependencies.

Thank you again for your work and please keep it this way.

Hopefully we judged it right, time will tell.

@Ghost3 constructive critisism is always welcome. Why don’t you start by first responding to Funding Requests you disagree with and join meetings on KeyBase to give your opinions on specific topics.

At the moment you are criticizing the Community Council and the current governance structure and claim to know the opinion of others such as the anonymous donor. This is dangerous, you only know your own mind and you have not even participated in the governance system that you criticize. My advice is to first get to know the system and voise your opinion on specific matters and get to know the system before criticizing. An example of a constructive post would be, “how to make Grin more Decentralised and volunteer based”.
Before you voised your opinion on that the community should do more governance task without pay. A sugestion I in prinsiple agree with as wel as others such as @oryhp. If this ideal of being completely volunteer based is feasable is another matter, but it would be interesting to see if we can get more community members to freely and actively participate. The current governance system is not perfect but the best we all could think of. All councils, even a community council without pay that is dedicating their time freely and is elected by the community, still might give the illusion of centralisation and of a them versus us system and still leeds to those council community members disproportionally having to dedicate their time to the project. So feel free to spark discussion on better decentralisation and governance👍 but please do so in a modest, polite and constructive way where all community members including council members (gues what, they are just community members as well) can express their own opinion🙂.


Notice to anyone reading this thread: @Ghost3 is a FUD troll who is incessantly trying to tarnish Grin’s reputation with baseless accusations for his own financial gain. Dont pay him any mind.


Why would I make myself liable?

I can read, so can a judge.

Anyway, you can think what you want and do what you want, and I will think and do what I want, this is a decentralized project as you all like to remind me. But we must all be held to account for our actions. So, when you next decide to donate your own money (€4500 for a news letter) just remember, IT IS YOUR MONEY, you are giving away.

We can debate this all day, but in almost all jurisdictions there are laws covering donations. Also, you seem to be under the impression that the person who donated the funds did not anticipate this kind of situation. I think its very clear that they knew exactly what they were doing.

Be explicit, dont be shy. Are you saying this is all legal and you fully endorse the action of the CC, and fully support them in giving away the funds?

I would be in favor of a more decentralized Bounty system like Monero has:

But I think there are some technology things that Grin would need first before that is even possible. Not sure.

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@Ghost3 I don’t understand you, what are you suggesting? and be clear and concise. The solution to more volunteering is the organic growth of the Community, simple as that. How are you helping to grow the Community? How many tasks have you taken on as a volunteer?

My advice: start doing something other than complaining or just stop wasting everyone’s time.

Yes, and I remember that was discussed during a meeting at Keybase. The point is that someone has to take ownership of that project, who is going to build it, who is going to do the tedious work of defining the process, testing it and documenting it properly?

What we need are more doers, people who take responsibilities, willing to do the dirty work, and that is what is missing.


If the anonymous donor has any problem with our spending, he can simply send us a message signed by the adress he donated from. Since he/she has not done so, it appears he/she is not troubled with how the community decided to spend these funds💁‍♂️.

Exactly this! Start contributing yourself. Talking about the need for more voluntary work is pointless finger pointing unless you yourself contribute positively to the project.

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You say this literally EVERY time someone brings up an idea. It is unnecessary.

Sometimes it is good to talk about ideas together. To figure things out. When you chime in with this negativity, all it does is discourage people.

Obviously the project would need someone to jump in and build it, and of course it will take work. But without discussion of ideas and asking questions, the ball can’t even get rolling one inch!

Yes, and I will always say it every single time, because everybody knows what needs to be done, but nobody does it. Grin is totally decentralized, anyone can do anything, no one stops anyone from doing what they think should be done.

Why would anyone listen to someone who is not even involved in the current governance process?

It’s like a guy yelling trash at the players on the court, pretending he knows what to do, man put your pants on and let’s ball :basketball:


Thank you for showing your true colors. Now it is clear you are just troll with no good intentions for Grin as a project. You only try to create FUD since lack actual arguments you switch to treathning😪. Good luck suing a decentralised project with anonymous members who do not paid and who are not financially earning from the project.

Only you and the CC members. You hide your IP add every time you come on here? :grin::joy::joy:

What is your evidence? I want the funds to be controlled by the GF, and the choices to be made by the core team. Not as you put it:

For all I know, you paid yourself, cousin, or a brother €4800 to write the news letter. The fact is, i want to protect Grin from scammers who come here asking for funds. You seem to be happy with :

People and their cousins coming here asking for :

And @davidtavarez is happy replying:

And your reply:

What happened to people writing books and letting the market decide?

Anyway, try to stay away from the attacking me personally, because no matter what happens, I gain nothing from the outcome, the same can not be said about you!

Also, a question for you. What if the person who gave the donations will see what you are doing and decide not to contribute any more? Will you fill up the coffers?

Question for me: can I hold you to account if they do not contribute any more funds because you decided to ignore the Donor imposed Restriction? :thinking::smiling_imp::joy::joy::joy:.

You lot are some serious gamblers! Bitcoin could go up to 100k, some say a million a coin, and here you are giving away your own money like its tap water. Oh, I will be claiming back whichever value is higher.

Please explain how me saying:

Is bad for Grin? You think returning the funds to the GF is bad for Grin, why? The same guy who thinks its ok to pay €4800 for a news letter that I could get someone in the UK with a masters to do for £1000, if that.

Anyway, Im not going to get into a long argument, I have said what I wanted to say, you do what you want to do!

a meme, now we have to explain the memes… and yes, if there was an illustrated book about Grin I would be happy to buy it, what is the problem with that? do not answer me.

stop tagging me, don’t waste my time.

Perfect than stop trolling and wasting all our time! Did you notice no one in the community agrees with you? It is fine to have your own opinion, but the fact that no one shares your opinion should be food for though for you.

Its funny when its not your money. To me it looks like you giving support to the funding.

As its a decentralized, I do not give a dam if anyone agrees with me or not! I can do what I want! Keep the funds and spend it the way you want, and see what happens. :wink: I hope your bank accounts are deep.

That’s called: opinion, I had my own opinion, I gave my opinion, and still the request was not funded, what are you talking about? that is the perfect example of good governance.

I suggest @Ghost3 to be banned, you just want to waste people’s time and fill the fourm with garbage, trying to fish for a response you’re not going to get. I told you to stop tagging me, mentioning me and/or quoting me.

Stop abusing drugs, mate, your brain is already broken. Get some help.

Ban all you want, laws are still laws. Its funny how I have never seen you this angry at wasting €4800 on a news letter, but here you are trying to get me banned! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Buzz off, no one asked to reply!