When will my grins be spendable?

When will my grins be spendable? like when will they reach 10 confirmations and be spendable?

1440 blocks to maturity if you mined them. 10 blocks for confirmation if someone sent them to you.

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Ok and if I receive grins from mining and send them separately for example I send 1 grin (transaction a) and then I send 3 grins(transaction b) would and they come to my wallet will they both need to wait 1440 blocks? or will transaction a have to do 1440 blocks than transaction b seperately?

Are you solo mining or mining to a pool?

If you are solo mining you have to wait 1440 blocks for the coin to mature before you can send it.

If you have been sent Grin from mining to a pool, those coins are already mature (otherwise the pool could not have sent them to you)…

I’m mining with grinmint pool but it says I have to wait 10 confirmations been waiting 2 days+ and my grin is not under spendable yet

Are you trying to withdraw everything?

Try a smaller amount

What is “it” ?

Do you mean not under spendable in the output of the “grin wallet info” command?

If yes, do you see the following warning message as part of the output of the “grin wallet info” command?

WARNING: Wallet failed to verify data against a live chain. The above is from local cache and only valid up to the given height! (is your `grin server` offline or broken?)

it will listed on awaiting confimation < 10 right ?, what happen if you got orphaned block ?, nothing listed there.

Looks like i got orphaned block, :frowning:

I’m not sure when the block reward shows up in your wallet if you find a block when solo mining. Probably doesn’t appear in your wallet until it matures. Someone who is doing solo mining probably has a much better answer.

Run grin wallet info and ensure Wallet Summary Info - Account 'default' as of height XXXXX output matches current block height.

hmm i got orpahned block then. nothing listted on my wallet info, still zero.

How did you send the payment? via http? It likely failed and the pool will re-credit to your balance after so many hours. Likely you have a firewall/port forwarding issue preventing your wallet from talking to the pool wallet on the ip:port you provided.

Edit: I see you were solo mining, bad luck, you found a block and it was orphaned :frowning: You can try grep 'Yay' .grin/main/grin-server.log (that worked for floonet) to return line for the block found and check to see if it was included.


Hahaha, yeah, its orphaned submittion too late,

20190123 21:16:09.713 WARN grin_servers::mining::stratumserver - (Server ID: 0) Solution Found for block 11134, hash 0000fb1f8eed - Yay!!! Worker ID: 1, blocks found: 1, shares: 4646
20190123 21:16:09.713 INFO grin_servers::mining::stratumserver - (Server ID: 0) Got share at height 11134, hash 0000fb1f8eed, edge_bits 31, nonce 4846858081768550915, job_id 2, difficulty 530193731/431009723, submitted by futurerheza
20190123 21:16:09.830 DEBUG grin_servers::mining::mine_block - get_coinbase: BlockFees { fees: 16000000, height: 11135, key_id: Some(Identifier(0300000000000000000000000800000000)) }
20190123 21:16:09.844 DEBUG grin_servers::mining::mine_block - Built new block with 2 inputs and 5 outputs, block difficulty: 425871272, cumulative difficulty 5163426887287
20190123 21:16:09.845 DEBUG grin_servers::mining::stratumserver - (Server ID: 0) sending block 11135 with id 0 to stratum clients
20190123 21:16:11.059 ERROR grin_servers::mining::stratumserver - (Server ID: 0) Share at height 11134, edge_bits 31, nonce 841886772554327612, job_id 3 submitted too late
20190123 21:16:12.281 INFO grin_servers::mining::stratumserver - (Server ID: 0) Got share at height 11135, hash 3438e156297c, edge_bits 31, nonce 11494356012060342401, job_id 0, difficulty 38903/425871272, submitted by futurerheza
20190123 21:16:12.996 DEBUG grin_servers::mining::stratumserver - (Server ID: 0) Status of worker: 1 - Share Accepted: 4648, Rejected: 1, Stale: 97. Blocks Found: 1/1538

Thank you

I get this


Make sure the node your wallet is connected to is fully synced. That looks like a pretty old block height

How do I sync it to current block?

Can you show us the window where the grin command is running? According to the warning from the wallet, the node isn’t synced to the blockchain. The grin server should be doing this syncing.

This is what I get.

It stops at loading.

You need to wait for your node to fully sync and Current Status to be Running

Ok, do I keep it on and running?