What the last few days have felt like

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Loving the memes maybe you can consolidate them all into one post so that we don’t have too many individual meme posts on the front page. The shitposting thread might be appropriate.

You’re on a roll.

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Good Idea, thanks! I’ll keep the shitposting to the shitposting thread, makes sense.



@MerlinsBeard That’s really cool!

@0xb100d Is there a way for me to move the shitpost threads I already posted, into the shitpost section? I’d love to clean house a bit, I didn’t notice at first but I was starting to make this place look like my room, a mess! :confused: Honestly, thank you for communicating with me clearly, it helps me so much, because I don’t really pick up on social signals well in real life, let alone forums about super cash.

I’m a good unit, but sometimes I need an outsider with a little more of an even head to reign me in, so please feel free to do so any time you feel. I trust your judgment in this regard.

@MerlinsBeard You should do a new one of these every time we hit that dollar bill value! Next up $10 (hopefully not $2 lol)


Don’t worry about it at all it’s not a big deal they’re all very clever and I don’t want you to stop I just don’t think you need a new post for every one haha!

You can post them all in this thread if you want I can rename the post (you may be able to also).

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Perfect, thanks! Cheers.


BTW I know you want me to keep churning out the memes haha, and I just want you to know I never took it like you didn’t :slight_smile: I know 0xb100d is always rooting grumpy on, and I thank you for the important advice on post location. Proper categorization is important for a forum! Cheers, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Does Grin protect pathologically altruistic people (highly agreeable) from sociopathic narcissist (highly disagreeable) people?

I don’t see how it would. What’s your reasoning?

The problem is sociopaths find kindness in others as weakness. Altruistic people who want to be agreeable 100% of the time don’t realize that they are triggering others who want to be disagreeable 100% of the time.

So in an “extreme battle” between a giver and a taker using unlimited Grin what could happen?

a) the giver sends too many slate files clogging up the blockchain, gives away private info
b) the taker sends too many scam invoices clogging up the blockchain, steals private keys
c) equilibrium is found and the two parties arrive at complete trust and 2-part transactions clear
d) other