Welcome to WhaleEx--a New Grin Exchange Place

Now WhaleEx has supported the grin deposit and will open trade at 2019-09-30T07:00:00Z, welcome here!


  • Do you do KYC?
  • What types of transactions do you support (e.g. slates, grinbox, http)?
  • How about donating a share of your trading fees to the development fund?

It is said on the website that there is no trading fee

Only if you hold the WAL coin as the same quota of your daily trading volume. Sorry, I did not see that…

I see. It is a dApp running on EOS that requires one to buy and stake their Whale token in order to trade. Their very professionally made website makes me trust them completely so I will probably end up buying all the Whale tokens I can get my hands on.

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Hey it s HQ pictures of authentic whales…