Vote for GRIN on Crypto Index


nice, now let’s get it to #1

Voted for Grin. Seems like they let you vote more than once tho.



ugh, I see the same User Score for all, except Grin has 1572.

How often can I vote?
You can vote as many times as you want using your Twitter account.
You will need to manually complete a reCAPTCHA every 120 seconds,
this is to help deter voting bots.

someone is spamming votes for Grin. The scores are not representative of actual opinion/popularity if people can vote multiple times. I’m sorry to be the party pooper.

My Twitter account is only 67 seconds between votes. It must be part of their algorithm. Maybe it is just the GRIN community going there through this page?

cant deny lists where Grin towers above all is something i would love to get used to.

Also my congratulations to the sole person who manipulated this vote, that person must have a whole lot of free time.