USA Exchanges? Bitforex Cannot Deposit

With the price being on a steady decline and now losing money on my miner i’m starting to sell a little of my GRIN in-case this project goes sideways kda. Anyways, anybody know of exchanges that work in the USA? I’ve been trying all day to try to deposit to bitforex and it just won’t let me. Every time I try it outputs a slatepack address and they don’t do slatepack address transactions and say that the https address should work. So does anybody know of any exchanges that I can transact on as a US resident? Was hoping it would be kucoin but that’s been delisted so :confused:

Personally, I’d like to just add this miner into my nicehash account so it can just get auto-converted to BTC so I don’t need to keep dealing with holding all these altcoins but when I tried to set that up it would only have rejected shares

Here is a list of exchanges:

TradeOgre works everywhere, exchange Grin for BTC. Else use, but they do use KYC and you have to use their exact instructions for deposit, the number behind the comma is used as ID.
So easiest is Trade Ogre. In case you already use the decentralised exchange Bisq, you can also exchange Grin for BTC there.

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