Unconfirmed transaction

I made a withdrawal a few hours ago from big.one, the TX ID does not exist in the blockchain but an unconfirmed Input appears in Mygrin. Still is unconfirmed after several hours … I see that the fee paid by bigone is 0 and maybe that is the reason for the delay, I am new to Grin try to contact big one but their support is non-existent they tell me to contact the recipient’s support. What I can do?

Never heard of Big One. What is it? I would think that a 0-fee transaction has a chance of being mined since the blocks are far from full at the moment, but I suppose it depends on if such a miner exists and is in use.

https://big.one it’s an chinesse exchange

Still unconfirmed…if nobody confirm it what happens?

Finally appear as “confirmed” but can’t spend it from Mygrin Apparently although it appears among the recommended wallets in this forum they are scam so money gone. What bad luck I have.

The forum should remove mygrin from their recommendations!

The forum policy has been decided to be not opinionated for closed source wallets made by anonymous developers, and as a consequence choose to maximize the possibility for newbies to have a lot of money stolen by using scam wallets promoted on this forum by stealers

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@enewmad: i am sorry for your bad luck with the grin transactions. It is generally not recommended to store your cryptocurrency on web-wallets. You may try to get in touch with @Chief_Dementor, who seems to run the web-wallet an occasionally responds to complaints regarding mygrin.

@Kurt: nobody running this forum has “chosen” to endanger the funds of newbies.
In Cryptocurrency you are basically your own bank, that’s the whole idea behind it. With that every user is responsible to make sure his funds are safe. Storing your funds on a web-wallet run by people you don’t know is like asking someone on the street to watch out for your full purse.
In the past there has been feedback that mygrin was working. Also there where regularly complains about it. But when the Web-wallet-Devs decide to abandon their web-wallet-service its users are quickly out of luck. Nobody here can keep track of if some web-wallet is still functional or already abandoned or not.
It’s simple: Don’t give your funds to strangers. Thus don’t transfer them to web-wallets.

@Grundkurs I know all that. I dont modify what I said though.

everybody knows that driving is dangerous but you have special warning signs on dangerous roads.

Inaction is a form of action in many cases.

it tells a lot.

I would simply put a huge red flag on top of the thread for example for closed source wallets or wallets by anonymous people

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We could also have a banner on the forum warning people about scam airdrops. There is an endless list of things that anyone can do to save at least one person on the internet from making a bad decision without achieving anything in the grand scheme of things. Where you draw that line is arbitrary, frankly.

Totally agree with this. I searched for online Grin wallets and found a post on this forum recommending mygrin, withdraw all my money there and everything lost. And for a newbie it’s not the best way to start. I understand and know bitcoin but this seems extremely more complex and dangerous.