Trouble withdrawing grin from pool


New user here :blush:

I am trying to withdraw grin from the mining pool BTC .com. The only available method seems to be by http(s).

My ISP does not allow individually public IP-addresses (multiple customers share the same external IP), so opening up a port in my router is not an option.

I am therefore trying to use the hedwig relay service offered by the Niffler wallet, but BTC .com just throws a “address format is invalid” error at me. The address format hedwig gives me is:

I have successfully used hedwig to receive payment from other pools before.

Does anyone here have any clue what to do?

hello, it’s 's problem.
just contact them

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Easier said than done. It seems like don’t care enough about a small time miner to reply to my mail. 10 days + and no response. Mayby they only understand chinese?

Is there another solution like Hedwig? Or some way to donate the money to anyone but