mining pool have optimized Grin share submited algorithm, more mining rewards! have optimized Grin share submited algorithm,and will get more mining rewards!
Sign up/in in and in your dashboard to check 1 g/s how many Grin you can get !
Please test at least 24h to compare the reward!
And just 1.5% fee in PPS!
png time : 23:38 UTC-8

You only have mining pools in China. Not appealing to North American miners. Also your “Wallet Help” link for “Set a withdraw address” is broken. A bad sign.

It’s also important to note that while a good indication, GPS isn’t a perfect metric, especially when you’re mining against a pool. Shares per block and number of blocks found matter a lot more.

Hi, we will support English mining guide as soon as possible, if have any questions,you can join our telegram group