The world Biggest mining pool will support Grin ! 1.5%Fee PPS!

The biggest BTC mining pool - will support Grin when mainnet launched, PPS just with 1.5% fee! It will get more profit that PPS!

To provide more various mining choice to our valuable users and to make mining be more profitable, BTCcom Pool will launch Grin mining service on CN server at 18:00 (GMT) Jan. 15th, 2019(Synchronized with the main-net launch), mining policy is as follows:

  1. Distribution mode: PPS;
  2. Mining fee: 1.5% Ming fee
  3. Payment threshold:5 Grin, otherwise it’ll be saved in your sub-account till reach payment conditions;
  4. Payment time: Same as the existing cryptocurrency like BTC/BCH/LTC/ETH/ETC/DCR, we’ll run the bill at 00:00(UTC) and distribute the earnings before 8:00 am(UTC) everyday;
  5. Tools to support mining: minerbabe,MinerOS
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Mining Address:
Sign up and get your sub-account to mine Grin!
Setup your pool login: sun-account name!


I am user.

you guys are skilled in the ASIC mining, now you step to GPU jaja!

how is Paphy? we met in LA last year?

good luck !

Didn’t Bitmain (owner of shut down it’s amsterdam & tel-aviv offices which run the pool? mining pool is Top Fifth Grin mining pool for now.Thanks for all Grin miner, we will continue 1.5 fee in PPS!

Thanks for supporting our mining pool.

check payment system… i have to recheck every time and I have payment lost