Transactions not showing

Hi guys,

I moved my wallet app to another computer. Grin++ got fully synchronized but transactions are not showing. It has zero balance (which is accurate). The same wallet on another PC shows all the transactions. Status is green running. Any ideas?

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I believe this is inherently true of Grin that a wallet cannot recover transaction history from the chain only the current balance. But I am not sure of the exact limitations or possibilities.


You’re right. The chain data that you download when you sync consists of kernels + utxos, so you don’t have transaction data. In theory wallet could support “export tx data on device 1” and then “import tx data on device 2” but no wallet supports this atm.

Thanks guys. I copied wallet.db file and it worked!

Is there a way (or planned) to merge two wallets, like when one received transactions before wallet.db with previous transactions was “imported”?

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I don’t think there is, no.