The painful topic of price

This is CTO Larsson’s trend indicator applied to grin. There was a slight reversal recently but it’s mostly been down all the way. I wonder if there will ever be a point where people stop selling

This is ONLY painful for people who bought grin expecting to make a profit.

For future adopters of grin, or people who like owning some of the most beautifully architected cryptocurrency:

the more affordable, the better.


The pain I feel is that I cannot buy more right now :smiling_face_with_tear:
But this is great for adoption, near all time best time to get grin on the cheap.

I think that the asics are what is holding the price down at the moment. A combination of hardware sellers that have surplus boxes and ambitious miners that are trying to recoup something. The constant selling makes no sense to me otherwise.

Our hashrate is low tbh and it’d be magnitudes lower if we used an ASIC resistant algorithm for mining.

GPU mining is the only thing dying faster than the Grin price in sats. I think it’s pretty neat we have a chain with (currently) only mini ASICs available to buy so more home mining all around.