The idea for anonymous cryptocurrency GRIN

The Grin network wins by its anonymity and will allow to implement unique projects, where anonymity will be a key part.
My suggestion to all free enthusiasts developers to implement the following project:
The meaning of the project: Give people the opportunity to receive remotely online the human body (the ability to see, the ability to perform actions, the ability to speak) as an RPG game…
Implementation: in every country and large cities there are “Guides”, they have their own unique data set (capabilities, transport, languages, dress code) and have the technical ability to become your “Guide”.

  1. The “Guides” have augmented reality glasses, such as Vuzix Blade, in their spare time, when the “Guides” are ready to be put in control, they report to the system
    Then they receive a request for their use, wear augmented reality glasses,
    and perform all the tasks transmitted by the “Manager”
  2. “Manager” who wants to receive a person’s body remotely in another country and city for some time - turns on the application on the computer or goes to the https service page, selects a free “Guides”, sends a request to his need, makes “ANONYMOUS PAYMENT IN GRIN”, gets the desired body of the “Guides” into its control for a while.
    Tasks that can be solved:
  3. Visit the office or production of your future business partner from another country
  4. Visit and ask questions at trade shows and conferences from another country or city
  5. Visit the place of future rest - understand the service, conditions, menu in the restaurant, etc.
  6. Visit special festive events “in person” and understand the safety and atmosphere - to attend this event with your family.
  7. Accompany your colleagues at important meetings in an important moment.
  8. Become at the right time specialist of the technology that has failed (aircraft, yacht,
  9. To spend old friends in remote places with which there are no contacts but the address is known
  10. Politicians look at real life and the situation in reality and on the ground in their country
  11. View and talk with real people in other countries and understand the situation not from purchased politicized media
  12. To visit a family or spouse on vacation and make sure it is safe
  13. Visit the famous gambling institutions prohibited in your country and return home in 1 hour.
  14. To enable artificial intelligence to hire you to get acquainted with reality or can take you to their work))
  15. And so on and so forth
    Here is such a simple idea for your implementation.
    Sorry for my English from the translator))
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I’ll give you 1 grin to make a video where you wave your hands in the air, like you just don’t care.

Thetechnology is getting advanced day by day and we can see that how the digital currency is being used in many organizations.

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