Our new way to promote GRINS

Yes. Anonymity is the power of grin but people on the world are looking for by something. They strong look to have not to be secure in anonymity. They can buy interesting thing than they will be in danger situation. Market of secure transaction is not so big like we think. We must look for products and markets which choose grin for main money in transaction. Like connection between grude oil and US$. We suggest to promote grin in small value services like teaching, home service, etc. where people never think about taxes and don’t pay by Visa card. You can promote to pay part in fiat currency and a part in grin - like bonus. When you pay your grin for someone the value of grin go up. The second important idea is that grin has now not to high value and easy to recalculate to US$ - so for standard people is easy to calculate value US$-grin in the mind and have no bad thinking of spending grin which has no high value. So it easier thinking of pay in grin than pay in bitcoin. It is Copernic law which say that cheap money wins with gold money (bitcoin). So we must change promotion from ‘buy grin because in the future it will be high value’ - because we have many cryptocurrencies on the world ( and small part of people understand profits from grin ) which say the same slogan. Try - I pay part of my services in grin. If you do not spend them I exchange !