Business wants grin

Business is one of the tools to popularize Grin in society!

Friends, I greet you!

There was an idea to popularize Grin with the help of a construction company in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.
At the moment, there is an opportunity to contribute to the development of technology with the help of tools that I own, this is a construction company and a grocery store. To be specific, I can provide discounts of 10% on the services or products of my business. The discount is returned to the client in the form of a Grin coin with the ability to dispose of them like regular money. At the moment, it is possible to dispose within the framework of my product, services, or the client can withdraw a coin to his Grin ++ wallet
For implementation, the help of programmers is required

  1. Development of a website with advanced functionality, a client account with a 10% discount with the right to dispose.
  2. Development of a website for a PC, tablet, phone
  3. Easy, quick access to your personal account using a qewark code or something similar

At this stage, it will concern individuals.
With the further legalization of cryptocurrency at the state level, the list of potential clients will expand. Friends, we all see what is happening in the world, time is changing, progress does not stand still. The time of digitalization is on the cusp, Grin deserves to take its place in this world!
Yes, perhaps many will say that the idea is crude, yes, it is, but the one who does not do nothing is not mistaken.

What do you think about this?